Irmã Lúcia: um mistério dentro de outro mistério - Parte 6. How the Falsification of Sister Lucy Is Being Ignored by Fatima Groups and How they Continue to Falsify the Message.

If you do not understand Portuguese, just turn on the auto translation. Professor Bezerra is doing here, and throughout his lecture series, EXACTLY what I have hoped would be done now that Sister Lucy Truth has definitively proven, with the latest of scientific methods, that the Seer of Fatima was replaced, we believe around the late months of 1958 or during the first 6 months of 1959, by an imposter and was eliminated from the scene. Of course, because of the fact that Sister Lucy Truth is an low-budget operation, we cannot, as yet, explain, with empirical certainty, HOW the real Sister Lucy was eliminated or even who exactly was involved, although the idea that the elimination could have been done without the approval of the highest powers in the Vatican giving the go-ahead, seems to us to be absurd. 

Professor Bezerra is putting the fact of the elimination of Sister Lucy into context and trying to understand what it all means for us as we struggle in our daily lives with an apostate state, culture, and the fact of an apostate organization that has illicitly stolen the external structure of the Catholic Church. The Professor applies this empirical fact of the substitution to what happened to the Fatima message and the content of the Third Secret AFTER the real Seer of the Immaculate Heart of Mary was eliminated from the scene. Clearly the Imposter was simply a cipher of the Modernists occupying the Vatican in their attempt, seemingly successful in an external way, to substitute the Novus Ordo new religion, constructed out of vague humanistic 60s notions coming from Leftism and Existentialist Phenomenology, for the Catholic Faith and the Catholic Religion which were revealed by God the Son and God the Holy Ghost through the Catholic Church over the course of 2000 years.  

Never ONCE did the Imposter Lucy object to the greatest attack on the Faith ever to take place in the Church's 2,000 year history; NOT ONCE. She went along with everything. That is what she was hired to do. And the poor lady who filled this role, very poor actress as she was, was a prop that all the Modernist leaders used to advance whatever was the latest version of Neo-Modernism that was being put forward to the Universal Church. What is truly sick, when you actually think about it, is that this CRIME OF THE CENTURIES, was shrouded in piety --- rosaries, statues, and prayers. This is evil. This is why I believe that Sister Lucy Truth has made such little headway in penetrating many layers of social communication and understanding, even in the so-called Catholic world. It is because the EMPIRICAL FACT of the Imposture, has profound moral AND ECCLESIASTICAL implications, implications that most people cannot absorb or psychologically deal with. How can men dressed in white order, sanction, play along with, exploit, and cover-up an act which is so evil? But they did. THEY did.


  1. The "disappearing" and likely murder of Sr Lucia almost certainly happened not long after the papacy was usurped in October 1958. With antipope John XXIII, invalidly elected two days after the validly elected Cardinal Siri was threatened into invalid abdication -- evidence pointing to a nuclear threat -- the Judeo-Masonic powers were in control, and the last thing they wanted was for Sr Lucia to reveal the real Third Secret which foretold their diabolical takeover, the "Great Apostasy" and what Our Lady of La Salette called the "eclipse" of the Church. John XXIII could also make Montini a cardinal so that he could be elected in 1963 and put the Novus Ordo counterfeit church into omni-destructive overdrive. All was planned. John XXIII thru Francis have all been antipopes and Judeo-Masonic NWO Globalist assets. The true Church of tradition is now a small but thankfully growing "remnant" maintaining all Catholic tradition, worship, sacramental rites and practice as it was when Pius XII died in 1958.

    The evidence for the nuclear threat is here:

    More evidence of the Judeo-Masonic takeover and creation of a counterfeit church, including the many prophesies foretelling its occurrence as a punishment from God, is at that website and at (and other articles there).


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