Bergoglio Attacks Traditional Catholics (i.e., Catholics) as "Diabolically Inspired." Apparently Maintaining the orthodox Catholic Faith in the Liturgy is "Not Essential" to the Argentinian Apostate. Face it. To Defend the Faith, as Expressed in the True Roman Catholic Mass, You need to Explicitly Act Against this Enemy of the Catholic Church.


  1. Antipope Francis is the most diabolically evil antipope to ever to wander the earth. He is an enemy agent working for the globalists and satanists. He is not a Catholic nor a Christian and is outside the true Catholic Church.


  3. Francis is using and fulfilling his demonic role as the destroyer of the "Church" to lead "Catholics" and others who follow or recognize him, astray even further for his true master Satan, and globalists.He wants to be the false prophet of the one world church and of the NWO. Satan knows his time is short, so he is doing all he can to take as many souls with him to Hell and away from God.

  4. “All the frightful energy of Satan's hatred is especially directed against the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. Arrayed with him and animated with the same hatred, there is an army of invisible satellites of the same nature…

    “But they are quite well aware of the meaning of the Mass. All their efforts are directed towards preventing its celebration, by exterminating the priesthood, and towards thwarting its effects, by limiting it to the role of a rite bereft of significance for man's social life, political and economic. If Satan cannot succeed in completely doing away with the one acceptable act of worship, he will strive to restrict it to the minds and hearts of as few individuals as possible. One has only to look at the world to see how far he has succeeded since the French Revolution.”

    Fr. Denis Fahey The Mystical Body of Christ and the Reorganization of Society

    1. I agree, the people of this world have been going to Hell, since the devil's lie in the Garden.

  5. Antipope Francis is not the only enemy we face. Enemies are legion. We are the the greatest enemy of ourselves.


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