Why was Antonio Salazar "angry" that Paul VI wanted "Sister Lucy" brought out onto the Platform with all the Clerics and Government Officials? Did He Know Already, What Had Happened? Paul the Sick did EVERYTHING He Could to Insult the Catholic Portuguese State in the 1960s.


May 13, 1967. 10 minutes with the Leader of Portugal and 3 minutes with "Sister Lucy," then all the rest of the single day in Portugal speaking about "world peace."



  1. If he did he should have spoken up!

  2. Maybe Salazar not only knew of the impostor Sr Lucia, but also of how much of a wretched man Paul VI was: an unchaste homosexual, a Judeo-Masonic and Communist asset, and even responsible for betraying to Communist agents the names of scores of priests and bishops sent into the Soviet Union while he was secretary to Pius XII, leading to their arrest and death.

    See "Paul VI: The Pope Who Changed the Church" by Fr Luigi Villa: archive.org/8/items/CV92011PopePaulVI/CV%209%202011%20Pope%20Paul%20VI.pdf (Murderer: p. 21-23; Freemason: p.30ff; Homosexual: p.55ff)

    Fr Luigi Villa was given a "commission" by Padre Pio in the mid-1950s to expose and fight against ecclesiastical Freemasonry, and soon after was given a unique Papal Mandate to do so by Pius XII. He was successful in at least exposing it, and survived 7 assassination attempts in the process. An amazing story which, along with other works by him, can be seen at
    http://www.chiesaviva.com/don%20luigi%20villa.html. Apparently he wasn't aware of the Sr Lucia imposture, however, and he called John XXIII through Benedict XVI "Pope" rather than antipope, even though he was aware of the research done by Gary Giuffre at whitesmoke1958.com.


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