Zelensky Upholds Democratic Liberalism by Establishing ONE News Network and Banning 11 Opposition Parties, including the Largest. At Least in America there is NO need to Establish One News Network or Ban Opposition Political Parties. Been there, done that.

I don't get it. All the news networks saying the same thing?


Zelensky's information policy involves "combining all national TV channels, the program content of which consists mainly of information and/or information-analytical programs, [into] a single information platform of strategic communication" to be called "United News."


  1. All of these have been planned and played out buy the Jews and Israel since WWI, WWII, and now WWIII... Their plan is to destroy the West and the USA. Zelensky is a faggot Jewassh**le that they use as useful idiot to push for war, salesman of the wars to bring out their messiah and their stolen land. They want all stupid elites and politicians of both East and West submit to them to play their war-games until you are nothing but dead and bankruptcy. They are actors and actress to play out their roles and lead the world into bankruptcy and bow down to their plan: NEW JEWS WORLD DISORDER (NWO).

    If Russia was consecrate by a TRUE CATHOLIC POPE with all the TRUE CATHOLIC BISHOPS and do a REAL CONSECRATION WITH ONLY RUSSIA name mentioned. If it was done on time. Then Russia will receive the "GRACES" to do GOD'S WILL.

    God used Russia to annihilate all the wicked and seeds of Satan who are the fathers of all evils and wicked: Jews/Israel/Zionists/Globalists/Modernists/Satanists/Communists and Luciferians sect of the Judaism Cabals = NWO.

    But Russia was not consecrated, therefore, Putin had fallen into their traps. He was patience for a long time but then he was fallen anyway in the end. However, Our Lady will protect Russia somehow.

    The cost of disobeying God is so severely, the whole world has been lost and ruined because of the Jews/Israel/Communists/Freemasons/KGB/MOSSAD/MI6/CIA... have entered the church to destroy the FATIMA HEAVENLY PEACE PLAN.

    Consequences, the whole world will be suffered much as the living will envy the death. God will chastise them to the point, nothing made by human hands will be left. All will ruin to ashes. Rich man will be naked just like a poor man. The pride of the rich and powerful will be melted.


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