What Russia Wants From Its Invasion of Ukraine—and Why Zelensky Is Evil. Like a Fire Hose of Truth.


  1. Let me help you. The whole thing just need to describe into a few sentences. Putin is very patient with the West and the USA for a long time. But when he saw the "enough is enough" signals and the opportunity to act. He acts just as he did and the world saw it.

    They want Russia be "annihilated" don't be surprised, Putin KNOW THE FATIMA MESSAGE and he BELIEVES IT. He asked the pope Francis to do the consecration of Russia because he feels the threats of the West and the cost of the vicious WW3. He knew WW3 will have no winners. Everybody involved in will die and be annihilated or at least "half dead." He sought the advice from Fr. Gruner secretly with his "aids/assistance" in Rome. He has highly respect to Fr. Kramer when father visited Moscow and did a sermon to Russians about Russia in Heavenly Peace Plan.

    Regardless, if he is still communist KGB or Orthodox Christian true or not. Doesn't matter, the man is a real skill professional spy. He will not afraid to use the super Tesla weaponry if needed. According to the Catholic Prophecies, when the West, USA, and even China will turncoat on him, he will use it. Unless, we have a True Holy Catholic Pope now and do the consecration of Russia immediately before it's too late.

    Pray for him, Russia, for us, for our stupid satanic leaders of the West and the conversion of the warmongers. This WW3 will wipe off 75% to 90% of all humanity. Do you want that?

  2. This guy seems sus. Just my impression.

  3. Coach Red Pill aka Gonzalo Lira is pretty sus. I did a little digging and he seems to be another one of those alt-right Russia disinfo types.


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