"The Dr. Bennett Forensic Math Report of the Two Lucy's of Fatima" IN HD I think Carlos Evaristo and Kevin Symonds had better take up playing the LOTTO because the odds are much better than 13 million to ONE!


  1. No. They know. All of them know that true Sister Lucia was switched off. They know they must cover up their crimes. The Jews/Israel, the Luciferians/Freemasons have been taken over the Church and the world to carry out their plan. They want WW3 and 6.5 billions of people on this planet "burnt to ashes." They want their "messiah" and they want all the lands and assets of this world by themselves with 500 millions slaves, that would be enough for them. For they don't have that many anyway. They want a world under their lawlessness and perverted sexual style. They don't want Divine Law and Order.

    Carlos Evaristo, and Kevin Symonds are just their useful idiots that they use as their tool bags. I think Carlos also involved in another hoax "Eucharist host is a heart tissue of agony dying man..." I think they fooled Bishop Williamson into this belief as a result, all the people who followed and listened to bishop had stopped. See the dangerous of these stupid useful idiots have done to the church?

    Liars and Murderers have no shame. They will do and say anything to deceive people at all costs.


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