No bodies found.......But STILL COUNTING! An Apology needs be given to Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth whose statues were overturned and vandalized and another one needs to be given to the Catholic Nuns of both Ireland and Canada who were accused of the worst things without the SLIGHTEST bit of empirical evidence. Waiting...............chirp chirp............

Here is the critical quotation from the article concerning the case of the "800 victims" of the "evil" Irish Catholic nuns:

"the Magdalene Laundries, and the nuns who minded tens of thousands of unwanted children for decades were accused of burying 800 babies in a septic tank, with no evidence. No bodies have ever been found, no dig ever carried out and evidence to the contrary has repeatedly refuted this claim, even as Ireland reaches record homelessness for children in 2022 under its woke regime."


  1. They, as heads of their government (mostly figureheads), are responsible to what happens to the people under their rule.


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