Nailed! Francis' Act on March 25th will Officially Confirm that the Woman Portrayed in the Videos below and who said that the 1984 "Consecration" was "as Our Lady requested" was an Imposter and Liar of the Highest Order. Vaticano! "Sister Lucia" said that It was Done and Yet YOU ARE DOING IT AGAIN? NEWFATIMA IS A CRIMINAL ENTERPRISE OF THE HIGHEST ORDER.

Cardinal Bertone lies as he presents the Imposter Sister Lucy's lies concerning the Third Secret of Fatima. Vaticano  Is this act on March 25th an admission that the "Third Secret" of Fatima, which this same woman explicitly testified to, is a fraud also. When is the Vatican going to come clean about the entire NewFatima fraud. Sister Lucy Truth has proven it a fraud --- even FRANCIS IS ACKNOWLEDGING THAT IT HAS BEEN FRAUDULENT. Will Cardinal Tarcisio "take it back"?

At about the 9 minute mark, Cardinal Bertone EXPLICITLY says that "Sister Lucy" affirmed that the "consecration" as done by John Paul II in 1984 was "as Our Lady requested." WHY ARE YOU DOING IT AGAIN --- AND AT FATIMA --- AS IF YOU ARE DOING IT FOR THE FIRST TIME?


  1. Cardinal Bertone is a hardcore Masonic Freemason of the NWO religion. Published his lodge, and ID of the whole club. That should end of their game. All Rome will die except less than 7 will be spared to escaped dead. The time of cleaning is begun, all blasphemers, apostates, liars, murders, and perverted will be annihilated for GOD WILL NOT BE MOCKED any longer. Time up Satan, you run overtime now...


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