Announcement: Sister Lucy Truth takes No Official Position concerning the upcoming "Consecration of Russia" by Francis. However, this is an Implicit Official Recognition that the Woman Pictured Below in the Carlos Evaristo Interview was a Fraud and a Liar.

Dr. Chojnowski: It is not the mission of Sister Lucy Truth to make a judgment on the Consecration of Russia as was asked for in 1917 and 1929. Our mission is to investigate the life and identity of Sister Lucy dos Santos of Fatima. This mission has been expanded now that we have conclusive proof that the woman who came out to appear with Paul VI on May 13, 1967 was not actually Sister Lucy of Fatima, but an imposter. This proof has caused us to widen our investigation into an attempt to investigate the disappearance of the real Sister Lucy herself and the identity of the imposter. 

What we did not expect was the implicit but absolutely clear recognition that the woman that the Vatican put forward from 1967 to 2005 as "Sister Lucia dos Santos of Fatima," was NOT ACTUALLY THE REAL SEER OF FATIMA, but an imposter. 

Watch the video produced by Carlos Evaristo above in 2017. In it, beginning at about the 9 minute mark, Carlos Evaristo explicitly states that the Sister Lucy of Fatima that he met with in 1992 and 1993 said the following:

1) "The Conversion of Russia is completed."
2) Thanks to the 1984 "Consecration" done by John Paul II, "The prophecy of the Virgin Mary has therefore been accomplished. The Virgin never said that the Holy Father had to say the word 'Russia.'"
3) "The Consecration of Russia was accomplished by John Paul II on March 25, 1984." [Notice the date March 25th, the same date that Francis is doing his "consecration."
4) "Gorbachev was an instrument of God in the process of the Conversion of Russia." 
5) "There is no more need to to make anymore Consecrations of Russia to fulfill the requests of Our Lady at Fatima." 
6) The Conversion of Russia has taken place." 
7) "Our Lady never said that the conversion of Russia would be to Catholicism." 
8) "Conversion would be to a country that respects the free will of men [Putin?]."
9) "The Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary has taken place." 
10) [The Conversion] "began when our Lady saved Pope John Paul II's life in 1981 [Note: 40 years ago.] 
11) [Conversion] "does mean, in the future, no world war would take place."
12) What is "Sister Lucy's" great message today? It is, "He that is not with the pope is not with God."
Dr. Zugibe, in this video, said that Sister Lucy said to him and his wife in 2002 that the Consecration was done in 1984. He quotes "Sister Lucy" as saying, "Yes, it was done; the Holy Father willed that it be done. Go tell your friends." 
Also, Dr. Zugibe quotes a statement by "Sister Lucy's" Prioress and Doctor who were present during Dr. Zugibe's visit and who heard the Seer state that "The Consecration was done." And, concerning her identity, "It is definitely Sister Lucy."

The sad story of the Imposter Sister Lucy of Fatima gets more and more ridiculous all the time. When will the Vatican surrender to Sister Lucy Truth? 


  1. They will never admit their crimes. Ask them if the consecration of Russia was done, why your Zionists are asking for it now??? Who are the liars here.

  2. Just saw Robert Sungenis is on board / open minded about Sr Lucia being replaced.

  3. As for the "consecration" by "pope" Bergoglio, it is a mockery and will be a consecration to Jezebel rather than to Our Lady. The mockery is well thought out by doing it on the Feast of the Annunciation. Satan likes to ape God, so this will be an unveiling, if you wish, for the anti-christ. Things are about to get much worse in the days ahead. Most important to stay or get into a state of grace.

    This is much like Bergoglios unveiling of the statue of Martin Luther on the Feast of Our Lady of Fatima a few years ago.

    The battle is being waged though, at our CMRI parish, we are doing our 33-day preparation for Consecration to Jesus through Mary. So on March 25 swords will be raised to combat the heresy coming from the Vatican.


  4. RSBP back again - just another addition to last comment. This was quite revealing

    and it is also another mockery of Our Lady, as Satan is waging war on her:
    Genesis 3:15
    I will put enmities between thee and the woman, and thy seed and her seed: she shall crush thy head, and thou shalt lie in wait for her heel.

    As stated in one description:
    "As described by St. Bernadette, Our Lady carried a Rosary and wore all white, except for the blue belt around her waist and the gold roses on each foot."

    So the blue and gold that has been around for two years is no coincidence.

    Buckle up.

  5. Apostate Rome's and Bergolio's supposed consecration of Russia could very well be another hidden hand pivot to divert attention away from the revelation rising of the fake Fatima narrative with its fake Sister Lucia of the masonic new church. Could this be another attempt to descredit the real Fatima message and real Sister Lucia. So perform a consecration, then a false peace, then sudden destruction, Russia attacks Europe. See, Sister Lucia's Fatima message was all wrong. Forget Fatima and get on with the Great Reset, OWO. Woe to the inhabitants of earth to fake a consecration to the Mother of God. Our Lady of Fatima, Our Most Beloved Mother and Queen, pray for us!

  6. If the consecration has already been done, why is Pope Francis doing it again?! Doesn't make sense.


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