Were Ike and the Dulles Brothers Behind the Modernist Hijacking of the Catholic Church in 1958? What do the Declassified Documents say? In Interview with Dr. Peter Chojnowski




  1. Dr. Peter Chojnowski
    I have a question in reference to the condemnation of the criminals that could eventually be proven by documents, to be guilty of the disappearance of Sr Lucy and the replacement with this imposter ...Once you have found all the necessary evidence, what would be the next approach? Could there be any possibility of criminal charges laid against the suspects of guilt...Who would have the authority to do charge them...What would this report be brought to Rome and who would have the authority to announce the whole Church about these facts?

  2. Dear Gisele,
    Those questions can only be answered at a much later date. We are no where near ready to answer them at this point. For us, the thing of immediate importance is to continue to gather evidence --- hopefully DNA evidence at one point --- and get the information to a wide audience. Most all of the actors in this drama are long dead. But the truth can still be announced and heard.

  3. Proof that outside influencers (non-cardinals) helped botch the election, or a murder helped botch the election, may indeed nullify a papal election making Cardinal Siri the true pope?
    The theology of I forget the saint, but it was if the cardinals alone succeded in botching a papal election in private. The person the cardinals presented to the world would be a legitimate pope, else how do we know maybe we had many invalid elections. Cardinal Siri could have believed that applied to him, yet if it wasn't the cardinals alone, the Church could rule someday the election was not valid?

    1. It is certainly very complex and confusing, but the evidence shows that Siri was validly elected, with even the Masonic cardinals voting for him, and then, as planned, threatened into invalidly abdicating, the evidence pointing to a nuclear threat against the Vatican, if not more, as is presented here:

      His later behavior of outwardly accepting Vatican II teachings, the Novus Ordo and other novelties is another matter, which may not ever be understood or resolved in this life.

    2. Ike and the Dulles brothers were subordinate assets of higher, diabolical Judeo-Masonic powers, with the emphasis on "Judeo."

  4. Everything does in secret will be exposed to the sun light and others can see. God is the truth and His Church is built on the blood of the Martyrs for over 2000 years and is still continuing.

    The True Holy Catholic Pope will have to condemn, expose, eradicate, and "exorcist" the whole fake religion Vatican II, its fake popes, fake saints, fake sister Lucia... The True Holy Catholic Pope will have to reinforce the Catechism, Theology, Canon Law and order of the Church. He will rule the Church with the IRON ROD.

    When? After the chastisement and people begin to wake up with some sense, they will listen and learn to be Catholics again. Right now, nothing but APOSTATES from the top (fake Francis) to the bottom (pseudo Katholics.) Truly, this world deserves to be chastised and God has no other way. God has exhausted all other way to help them, they must be annihilated.


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