Was There a Fake Sister Lucy? Check out this video again. Over 90% of the Comments Clearly Acknowledge that there were Two Sister Lucys. Also, whether Sister Lucy II did or did not say that Russia was consecrated to the Immaculate Heart does not matter IF this woman is not biologically and existentially her.


  1. I remembered that video. I was so angry with John and Fr. Gruner. Both didn't seem to have any concerned or cared about the matter. The fact that they didn't want to investigate and/or find the
    way to prove the matter make me changed my mind about them. I appreciated the time, and effort that Fr. Gruner put in for Fatima, but I was very angry why can't he see something so obviously that even a child can see. About John, after this, I dropped him like a hot potato. I was so angry "even the elect become blind because of fear, lack of resource, lack of assistance, overwhelming of debts?" I think deep down in his conscience, Fr. Gruner knew something wrong but so afraid because it will blow up a lot of things that he could not handled at that time.

    1. Money is to be made by petitioning the "pope" to consecrate Russia.


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