The New Addition to Sister Lucy Truth's Website Shows the Real Sister Lucy's Last Visit to Fatima in 1946. Look, the Moral Aura Expressed by the Seer of Fatima and Messenger of Our Lady has NOTHING to do with the Common Place Imposter Put in Her Place.


  1. One is a truther, other is a liar. The faces, the gestures, the behaviors, the handwritings, the heights, the shapes, the voices, the humility virtue shown through the real one, and the proud and childish shown through the fake one... Is that not enough to convince you people that they had hijacked the church and turned the church into a One World Religion of the Jewish Banker Cartel for their NWO plan so that their so many crimes all kinds, genocide, and stolen lands be justified under their eyes? "The good go on their way, and the bad don't even care..." If that so, they are asking to be chastised and GOD WILL DELIVER ALL THE CHASTISEMENTS AS THEIR WISH.


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