"The Fake Fatima Letter of Lucy II" - HD Its NOT Just Her Face that is Different. They made this Champion of the Catholic Faith into a Craven Upholder of Modernist Power.


  1. The REAL Sister Lucia didn't know how to type or own a typewriter. Her family and friends said she always wrote the letters in her own handwriting herself.

    So much of lying, and cover-up that they have been using but backfire and exploded on the faces of the Liars and Murders who sold their souls to the NWO-Luciferians-Freemasons. They wanted their own "messiah" and their own land which GOD HAD FORBIDDEN THEM FOR THEY HAVE BEEN CURSED AND CASTED OUT. They are not the chosen one but the condemned one. That's the hard true they can't accept.

    The true chosen one that God has chosen is infact the CATHOLICS THAT BELONG TO HIS CHURCH, HIS RELIGION, HIS KINGDOM WHO TRULY PRACTICE THE FAITH AND DEFEND THE FAITH even to their death. Blood of the martyrs have built the church and the civilization world.

    Are you stupid pseudo counterfeit Katholics-Kabbalah going to call me with their racist label card "Anti-Semite?" Yes, anyone who speak the truth that expose the seeds of Satan and his synagogue will always be labeled as "Anti-Semite." I guess they call Jesus Christ "Anti-Semite" too. Let me make clear to you the cursed race/religion. I always love what Jesus Christ love and hate/condemn what Jesus Christ hate/condemn. Is that clear?

    You Satanic-Jews and Israel have bankrupted the West and all the countries that have fed you, protected you, welcomed you and at the end you stabled all of them to death by wars, pandemic, and fabricated claims. The way to destroy Germany, Russia, and now the USA is exactly the same tactic but the Americans have been brainwashed by you for so long, now they are all braindead-zombie generations. So, the victory goes to the Jews/Israel and their banker cartels. Happily ending for you Satan, you have beaten God and won the war, right?

    Not so fast Satan, you have the hour and GOD HAS THE TIME. Your hour is up, finish. SHE WILL CRUSH YOUR HEADS.


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