"The Clay Speaks" - In HD. Another Irrefutable demonstration that there were TWO Sister Lucys.


  1. They already poisoned her even before the last interview with Fr. Fuentes. God allowed her to leak out the secret to Fr. Fuentes. He knew there was something so wrong then "She looks so ill, I afraid she might die soon, I afraid they "killed" her with slowing poisoning to death..." He worked very hard and the secret revealed out in his 37 articles/booklets/letters... I know that. But all was seized and stolen by the Vatican II thugs. We know that for sure. Let pray that someone would come out and reveal the secret that Fr. Fuentes wrote. I am certainly the whole apparitions of La Salette and Fatima warned us that the enemies already lurked inside the church and they are now working to destroy the church from within and all top positions are granted to their members. They tied the hands of the true Catholic-Bishops and they took over the church, turned her upside down to the NWO religion of the Synagogue of Satan. Freemasonry come from Judeo, same thing about Communism, Modernism, Globalism, Satanism, all wicked evil perverted come from one root: The Jews/Israel.

  2. Hi Dr. Chojnowski, I just came off of a long livechat about the third secret on the YT ‘Rules 4 Retrogrades’ channel run by Tim Gordon. He has always brushed off the imposter evidence, but a number of us on the chat were encouraging him to look into it more seriously. Near the end, at about 1:26, he started to waver and admitted there are anomalies in what the post - 1960 Lucia said and wrote. So I suggested that he have you on as a guest! I don’t know how you feel about him, but I do my best to get the word out that the evidence is overwhelming!
    Also I called Kevin a snowflake, concerned about losing the lucrative Fatima spotlight, and someone else called him a baby. A bit juvenile, but I enjoyed it. 😋

  3. I would happily be on his show! I don't quite understand why he broke with Taylor Marshall

  4. If you have time to listen to his show from Thursday (it’s long!), you will hear him say that he has not really looked into the imposter theory, but is willing to look at solid evidence. It seems to me that there is abundant evidence on the Internet, but he clearly has not seen it. He is friendly with Mike Lofton and Kevin of Reason & Theology ( Mike even makes a brief appearance in the chat), so Tim has been influenced by their negative views about the 2 Sister Lucias.

    However, Tim also mentions that a show he did three years ago with Taylor Marshall about Fatima got over 500,000 views! So he knows it is a very popular topic. I hope you can contact him and discuss going on his show. He is very intelligent and fair, and I know his followers would love it.

    I am just a humble participant in the live chat, but I will continue to encourage Tim to look at the evidence and make up his own mind, and to get you on his show.

    P.S. Tim didn’t break with Marshall, Marshall got a bit of a bruised ego and broke with Tim. He blocked and shunned Tim, who had done nothing that an adult shouldn’t be able to handle, and Tim’s attempts at reconciliation were ignored. So that was the end of the very popular ‘T and T’ show.

  5. Dr. Chojnowski, perhaps you have seen this amazing animation created from a photo of the young St. Threse. It would be interesting to apply this technique to the Sister Lucy photos. I have pasted two links - each which hopefully will open to the photo


    Dr. Joseph D. White on Twitter: "I animated this classic childhood photo of St. Thérèse of Lisieux using a new AI-based platform. This is pretty amazing! Like meeting #StTherese herself! @SocLittleFlower @OSV https://t.co/bR0ifv4TD7" / Twitter

  6. It is without a doubt that the true Sister Lucia would not have kept silent on the Vatican II false religion. She had to be removed. With Roncalli's refusal of Heaven's command to reveal the "Third Secret" in 1960 it seems prudent to believe Sr. Lucia was martyred around that time. The false Sr. Lucia embraced the false religion. This should have sent up warning signs to Catholics but in truth many Catholics embraced the Ecumenical abuses of Roncalli , the Vatican II council and the false popes that followed Roncalli. Thus enabling the conspirators to push through their agenda. With the true church relegated to the catacombs we have the Vatican II cult and its henchmen pushing their apostasy to such great lengths even the deceived are starting to squirm.


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