Sister Lucy of Fatima Replaced by an imposter. Why?. A Catholic Family Podcast with Dr. Peter Chojnowski and Kevin Davis.


  1. I am glad that the true Sister Lucy story begin to reveal to more and more Catholics. "Let the TRUTH be freed and it will defend itself."

    Why are so many people so gullible to the point they became stupid? Yes, call the "Fatima Center" out. A bunch of blind, deaf, and dumb. They hide behind the name of Fr. Gruner to make name, fame, and money for themselves. What a shameful, they did not know that they wiped off all the good work that Fr. Gruner did? After John and Fr. Gruner refused to accept the truth that there were two persons totally looking difference acclaimed as Sister Lucia by the Vatican II. I stopped support them. Don't give them your hardworking money that you don't even have it enough for yourself to live.

    As long they saw Pope or Bishop, they assumed everything must be trustworthy to believe even that pope or that bishop is a FRAUD/PSEUDO/COUNTERFEIT = TROJAN HORSES of the NWO.

  2. One possibility is she was put into an insane asylum, that way if she escaped they could say she was insane.

  3. Imposter Sr. Lucy was a fraud hardly catholic. Paul VI was certainly a free mason. Check out his mother's head stone which he designed. He cared less for any apparition. If the Fatima Centre want the truth on 3rd secret then this is we here they start. The false Popes were put in place to confirm Vatican 11 and real 3rd
    secret most certainly referred to a false council and the loss of faith in Rome. La Salette confirms this.

    1. I agree. There was definitely an imposter Sr Lucy.
      They do not look alike. And they are totally different in personality.

      Why won’t the Blue Army and other Fatima organisations s look at the evidence on SisterLucyTruth?

      Sister Lucy was truthful. When she was 10 she was separated from her parents and siblings and told she would be thrown into boiling oil if she refused to deny the apparitions. She refused. She said if she died she would be with Our Lady in heaven. She is your model!
      Follow her!!!!!


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