Irmã Lúcia: um mistério dentro de outro mistério - Parte 4. Turn on the English Subtitles and Listen to a Lecture on the Enemies of Christendom and the Use that was made of a False Sister Lucy. At the 44 minute mark, Professor Bezerra refutes the idea that the commonly distributed photo of a sister of Sister Lucy of Fatima, Maria dos Anjos, proves that there was not a false Sister Lucy. Brilliant analysis and ANOTHER piece of evidence pointing to the truth of our claim that the Seer of Fatima was replaced by an Imposter.


  1. PLEASE REPRINT THE DEATHBED PHOTO OF LUCY2 at 48:40 with that ball pein hammerhead chin!

  2. More Catholics in all countries, all level, all profession need to come out of hiding and fight for the truth. Fatima Message had passed due, 105 years too late and the WW3 has begun and still the whole church and clergy are dead and compromised? Vatican II Conciliar Church IS NOT A CATHOLIC CHURCH BUT A PSEUDO-COUNTERFEIT OF THE ANTICHRIST. Their mass is not our mass. Their pope is not our pope. Their saints are not our saints. And their impostor Sister Lucia is not our REAL SISTER LUCIA THAT OUR LADY APPEARED TO.

    Loud and clear, God sent us many Prophets and Saints to give us warnings and even His Beloved Mother and still we have doubted? Are we that stupid or just completely lost the faith?


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