Announcement from Sister Lucy Truth: Observations support that the 1967 “Sr. Lucy” and post-1967 elderly “Sr. Lucy” are the same person. However, most of the report yielded a neutral result, which does not contradict the findings of our other experts but remained agnostic regarding the pre-1967 Sr. Lucy and the “Lucy” who appeared after 1967. Ideal Innovations Indicates this Case is Very Worthy of Pursuit!


  1. Everybody who has eyes can see it, there are two difference women here. The fake popes, fake shepherds, fake mass and all of those NWO-Luciferians-Cabals will be exposed. They will be executed by men and then by the anger of God in those "3 days of darkness." None of them will be able to escape His Wrath. Better of for them is confess now and repent, nobody will touch them. But the longer they cover-up and spread out lies and their satanic agendas, they will die, all of them. Zero prisoners, God doesn't need to hold them one minute longer.

  2. The reason they might have come up with a neutral verdict is one of those Carmelite pics from the 50's looks very similar to the imposter. Possibly it is an earlier pic of the imposter?

    1. Yes- this is the ringer. I think they threw in an early pic(s) of the imposter just to confuse. This will happen more and more and the earlier pictures will now have to be evaluated against each other and then applied to the correct adult sister Lucy. Of course they would do this.

  3. Perusing the "Third Eye" report was cringe-worthy as seeming to be an intuited shot-in-the-dark based on hand-drawn tracings done with a paint program. This scam company may thrive on revenue from conclusions-on-demand cobbled up to implant reasonable doubt submitted as expert input for desperate attorneys. Mistaken identity is a workhorse of a defense and surely worth their price. Might be grifting the government through law enforcement grants like bogus black hole studies scoop up cash in the science realm. Very hard to take those non-measured scrawlings seriously. See: BURIED ALIVE for exemplars of measured anatomical data for Neandertals that proved skeletal tampering.

  4. This is a perplexing result. Human eyes and brains are hardwired to have meticulous facial recognition, as our survival (i.e. knowing friend from foe) depends on it . Dogs identify others by their superb sense of smell; humans rely on visual cues. This visual acuity - of which dogs have little - was all important, and still is, in societies made up of large clans, where the best protection from harm is instant recognition of family/ non- family.

    To me, the photos of Sr. Lucia are instantly recognizable as being two different people. It’s good that Dr. Chojnowski has published these results in the interest of impartiality, but I think that they are erroneous in view of the evidence of my own human eyes and brain!


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