American soldiers training with Ukrainian troops in Western Ukraine. USA Making the Same "Mistakes" that were Made that Catapulted World into World War I, World War II, and Vietnam. Prepared for World War III? The Real Sister Lucy told us that Russia would be used to Chastise the West.


  1. God gave them a chance to avoid all problems by sending His Mother to tell the Vicar of His Church what to do.

    They ignored Her and mocked Her. They infiltrated the Church, stole the seat of St. Peter, setup the fake Church and put up fake Popes, have fake Mass, and controlling everything inside the Church to be their tool bag for their NWO... Who are they? The Jews, the Cabals, the Banker Cartel, the Rothschild and his Synagogue of Satan. They wanted to create a "Greater Israel" by stealing land of others and then set the whole world under their NWO. No Law but their lawless law of the Talmudic which is 100% against God. They want worship Satan and wipe out Jesus Christ.

    So bis, let the West be whooped, and annihilated to the point they have no more stupidity and pride. Until they crawl on their knees and beg for the intercession of the Holy Blessed Mother Mary, until they open their mouths praise and proclaim Her is the Mother of God and the Queen of Peace.

    God and His Mother want us to "Pray for the conversion of sinners and offering sacrifices for their conversions... " So, we must obey and do that everyday. But I am glad as Jesus said "When you heard that, see that, you should be glad for the salvation is at hand..." The time for the victory of Our Lady is coming soon.

    Let pray like Padre Pio prayed "Pray for the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart will be for 15,000 years, not 25 years as a mockery to Her. 25 years only one generation? No. The whole world burnt to ashes and more than half of all humanity be gone... It takes thousands and thousands of years to clean up all the toxic, radiation, nuclear residue on this planet if we have enough people and know how."

    I agreed with Padre Pio. Take 15,000 years to clean up this planet. There will not enough people alive and none of them know how to clean it up. This will be the evidence again like Sodom and Gomorrah that every eye can see and know there is GOD and DON'T MOCK HIM.

  2. Dear Fatima Messenger,

    I love your commentary - thank you! But I disagree with you on the 15,000 years - God, Jesus, and/or Our Lady can wipe away all filth and clean the world in an instant. God created the world with His Word. The universe simply means "one word". God is all powerful, so after the chastisement has happened to fulfill the Justice of God, then peace and beauty will reign on earth. The time I won't even hazard to guess. I would love to see that time, but I know that I am unworthy and pray that when the time comes, I may die a good martyr's death proclaiming Jesus. God Bless and never stop commenting. Alencon

    1. 15,000 years was the way Padre Pio prayed for, his closed friends and brothers that around him confirmed that too. Perhaps, you did not read my message clearly. I said that in my comment that I agreed with Padre Pio and pray that his wish will be fulfilled because 25 years is an insult to Our Lady, everybody who followed and knew of what deadly weapon that they have and the plan that intend to kill 95% of all humanity knew that. According to the Catholic-Prophecies revealed to us more than half of this planet will be completely ruined. The whole continent to another will be gone. Millions will die from one minute to next...


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