Still waiting for my letter from Francis for service to the Catholic Church. I did not realize 40 years ago that you would have to side with those who reject the Catholic Faith and Catholic Morals in order to be getting one of these letters.


  1. She is for the lesbians, gays, transgenders, perverted sodomites, and pedophiles. She is not a true "sister" of the true Holy Catholic Church. She is a devil in disguise.

    Jesus Christ said loud and clear "Go and sin no more." He never said "it's okay, all sinners are welcome in my house."

    "ARE YOU WITH ME OR AGAINST ME?" There is no compromised in Christ's Teachings about FAITH and MORALITY. Those Luciferians of the NWO are the most wishy washy Modernists, Satanists, Zionists, Globalists, and Apostates in all shapes and forms.

    Catholics need to get out of the Vatican II and rise up take back the church by the power of the Blessed Virgin Mary and St. Michael. St. Joseph is ready why are you people not ready?

  2. Look, take a good look into her eyes. Didn't you see the fire of Hell in those eyes? I saw it.

  3. Maybe it's past time to forget about the obvious agent of Satan Bergoglio and focus our time and energy and research into what exactly caused the Great Apostasy and Eclipse of the Church. I see two avenues: 1) theological and 2) historical, with the historical argument the basis for the theological argument, although most sedevacantists rely only on the theological, i.e. rupture from traditional Catholic doctrine, worship, customs, and practice. That has never happened before in the history of the Church. In order to happen there must be usurpers occupying the Chair of Peter, and that is what happened beginning at the 1958 papal conclave, as more than adequately documents.

    There's also the statement about “a bad council and a bad mass” being part of the Third Secret of Fatima that Ratzinger made to a close friend, Fr. Ingo Dollinger: That assuredly means 1962 and 1969, respectively. Benedict never denied making that statement, although the Vatican made a very awkward and confusing denial.

    1. If we do not constantly speak out and take action on many important topics and events, which we can change, we are no better than the NWO, the antipopes, the satanic lunatics, the modernists and all the enemies of the "true" Catholic Faith and souls of all people. We may be wolves and hypocrites ourselves.

  4. Most Catholics and other people are cowards and sheeple, to take any decisive action for anything.


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