Soviets were Flexing their Nuclear Muscle in the Days and Weeks before the Critical 1958 Papal Conclave. Coincidence? See the CIA Bulletin from October 25th (The opening day of the Conclave) Below.


  1. People wanted "evidence" and when you found the "evidences" they still do not believe it. Heavenly Mother is the one called out the Communist-Russians of their "errors" that they spread throughout the world caused wars, famines, hungers, persecution of the church... From 1913 to the present, how many "evidences" that we need to have to convince you that Russia must be consecrated now before they ruined and destroyed the whole world?

    Those popes of the Vatican II are Freemasons and Modernists, they do not have graces or power to do the consecration. We must have a Holy True Pope who is 100% Catholic and will do the will of God and please Our Lady. But when? Can not we get our heads together and begin to call up a small "conclave" now?

    Benedict XVI will not repent and will not do his penance. Although, we still have obligation to pray for him. But the true Holy Catholic Pope will do it. I don't know his name, I have two names that I think Our Lady will choose. Bad news for us, we will be under prosecution but seem likes we have to become "catacombs" church again.

  2. Not only were the Soviets flexing their nuclear muscle to an unprecedented degree just before the 1958 papal conclave, but the US was doing the same thing, and they also both increased their nuclear testing just before the opening of the Second Vatican Council, convoked by the "Caretaker" antipope John XXIII, who prepared the way for Paul VI "the Destroyer." A very important article on this, including other Freedom of Information Act documentation pointing to the probability of a nuclear threat against the Vatican if the validly elected Cardinal Giuseppe Siri didn't abdicate after being validly elected 2 days before the Globalist NWO asset John XXIII appeared before the world -- to the great acclaim of the international media and other enemies of the Church -- is "Grave Reasons of State," at

    Other articles at the same website corroborate the evidence presented in that article, including the fact that the takeover of the papacy as a punishment from God for the sins of Catholics, especially the clergy, was the fulfillment of many prophesies.

    1. Again, your comments on these issues, are mostly hearsay. Darrell.

    2. The only muscles that should be flexed, is our own !

    3. Darrell, many of your pre-programmed theories are baloney. You should focus on what can be done now.


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