"Montini and the Mimic." Staged Farce of the Centuries. How can we speak about "Fatima" and not speak about this? Does it matter that the REAL SISTER LUCY WAS NOT THERE? But it all, sorta looks the same......nun.....pope.....statue.....crowds.....


  1. Dr Chojnowski, likely the Masonic sect handler for the fake St Lucia was close to her while she appears next to PVI in the video. Behind the imposter appears to be a Cardinal. Can he be identified? And also others standing close to the imposter. Undoubtedly coaching her on this all important first appearance of deception to sell it to the media and faithful.

  2. Paul VI and John Paul II are rotten in hell right now. Those guys are not saints and not of Heaven. How do I know it? The third secret of Fatima exposed them and they did everything to destroyed the Fatima Message. I investigated their lives and their practicing their Kabbalah Satanic rituals, I know that those guys are Jewish and Communists of the NWO. They can't be Catholics and they can't be saints, never mind they can't be Popes... In La Salette, Mother of God told the church "Two Worm-Ridden Popes..." Don't you people believe her?


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