Irmã Lúcia: um mistério dentro de outro mistério - Parte 3. Turn on the Auto-translate and Hear an In-depth Analysis of the Three Secrets of Fatima and How They Do NOT Match the Words and Attitude of Sister Lucy II. See our Video "Montini and the Mimic" at the End.


  1. Real Sister Lucia was murdered/martyred by Paul VI and the thugs of Vatican II: the communists, modernists, apostates, con-artists and liars of Synagogue of Satan = Jewish Mafia (Judaism Cabal = the church of Satan). Vatican II church is not a catholic church nor have anything to do with God.
    They hate God. They hate the Mass. They hate the BVM. They hate children. They hate good marriage. They hate justice. They hate the truth. Who are they? They are sons and daughters of Satan.


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