Biden Considering Moving Troops, Warships To Eastern Europe. Will the German Socialist Chancellor Scholz Save the West from the Warmongering American Neo-Cons?

Remember, it was the Russian mobilization on the German border in August 1914 that provoked the implementation of the von Schlieffen Plan, which, in order to avoid a two front war, caused the German Empire to head toward Paris in early August of 1914 --- and then the rest is history, World War I, World War II, the Cold War, Vietnam War, Vatican II, etc. The Neocons featured above are pushing for a mobilization on the Russian border. American blood for democracy in Estonia?


  1. According to the Catholic prophecies, Russia will invade Europe and China will invade Canada, Alaska, and the US, California...etc but fail short. The war will escalate to the point they drop some bombs that create earthquake and tsunami that cover up the whole Europe, only a few mountain tops can be seen. No soldiers will be lived to come home. Only a few people left, and everyone who survived will consider them a "very lucky." People will believe in God again and seeking the help from His Mother. The greatest city, state of the USA will be hit and completely burnt up. Sodomites and pedophiles will be no more. Land and food are plenty but you have to go and work and get it... because there are no one left to do thing for you. People will cry out "let me die, let me die..." for they feel completely deserted by themselves in a square miles and miles by themselves.

    It's up to us to believe the Prophecy and Pray for lighter chastisement or we just keep put our heads in the sand and wait for it comes. What a stupidity of the leaders of the Vatican II. 30 minutes of prayer (consecration of Russia) and have world peace. But they don't want peace. They want wars to make more money for them.


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