We at Sister Lucy Truth have finished our Christmas Novena. We expect great things next year as we continue to pursue the crime of the centuries, the Elimination and Substitution of the Seer Entrusted by Our Lady and Our Lord with the Fatima Message.



  1. Glory to God in the most high and peace to men of good will on earth.

  2. I pray for you and your work. I entrust this project into the hands of St. Joseph and Jesus to grant you a victory for the real Sister Lucia soon. When the truth come out, the AntiChrist and his kingdom of darkness will be shaken and collapsed. True pope will finish them with an obedient of the "consecration of Russia" and peace will resume but that only happened after 75% of all humanity to be wiped off this planet. In those 2/3 of all humanity could include anyone of our family, friends and so on. We don't need to be that stupid. Thirty minutes to one hour of publicly and solemnly consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart is not difficult to do. Why did the churchmen couldn't even do that for the last 104 years? The Satanic possession is shadowed over the Vatican II church laid in the Moscow-Vatican-Agreement signed in 1962 by Moscow Freemasons (Jews-Communists-Russians) and Rome. They have been threatened the Popes, the Church, and many nations. The fact that they have pointed all nuclear warheads to each crowded cities proved that they have no problem to kill 4 - 5 billions of people in one hour. Israel does the same. Matter fact, Russia and Israel is connected and related. 85% of Jews in Israel are Jewish Russians and rest for sure, they are all communists. The consecration must be done by a true holy Catholic Pope, otherwise, this planet is tossed and the people on it deserve to be annihilated. May this Christmas would be the first Christmas of long peaceful era for Our Lady's Triumph.


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