Trump Grill in Trump Tower Turns Away the Unvaccinated.


  1. Why give him any air time... Scottish Freemason, shill of the Russian Mafia, and the Synagogue of Satin. Dear Trads, the few that remain, please move along with our Lord's and Lady's agenda, Instaurare Omina in Christo. Forget Trump, got it!

    1. This is a part of the fight. The TRUTH is hard to heard for who do not like the TRUTH. We fight the DEEP CHURCH and the DEEP STATE simultaneously. You can't forget Satan and only focus on Lucifer. The TRUTH is a bullet into their heads.

      You can't forget Trump, the AC of this man-made disaster and chaos for the benefits of the Jews/Israel. People need to know the true face of the AC and wake the hell up. He pushes for the jabs (genocide of all humanity up to 95% through wars, pandemic, hunger,
      persecution of the church...)

      Under Trump, the abortion industry still make more money than ever. Under Trump, the gays/lesbians, and pedophiles are in all the positions of his cabinet. People have no idea the man is a greatest CON-ARTIST. A greatest liar and deceiver, everything he said, he then twisted and he always blamed somebody else. He needs to be exposed and we are doing our duty here.

      Look at the fruit to know the tree. Trump's fruits and his tree is nothing but Satanic Masonic Freemasonry Agenda for the NWO-Israel = Synagogue of Satan.

      We do our jobs according to Our Lady's Mission. To save the church and the world in time if we could. We don't take order from anyone, any sources, or any political influential.

      I found your comment/demand is an insult to me, to us, to My Lady: The Mother of God.

  2. According to the book Fatima from the Beginning, De Marchi (2000, and I remember the quote also from an earlier version) :

    The interrogation of Jacinta by Formigão :

    Mary : " I have come here to tell you that people must not offend Our Lord any more because he is very much offended and if the people amend their lives the war will end and if not the world will end."

    Jacinta before made the "slip of tounge" to reveal what was secret.

    This quote could indicate what the third secret contained.

    Likely being about the great revolt of 2. Tessalonians, which Saint Hildegaard interpreted as a falling away from royalty, the catholic church and the faith itself.

    Sister Lucia also mentioned in the Fuentes interview she believed we were living in the end of time.

    Seems likely given the recent mass depopulation campaign of the world by a group af pedophile satanists.

    1. And Trump is fit the description he has all the characteristics of the AC. Everything about that man are 100% Masonic Freemason Cult of Synagogue of Satan. He is a tool of the NWO. Great deceiver.


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