If Ali Agca was not an agent of Soviet Communism, doesn't the Vatican narrative concerning the contents of the Third Secret fall apart? Interesting article from the CIA declassifieds.

Would you be this peaceful if you were shot? Blood? 


In this article from 1985, Alexander Cockburn clearly states that the narrative in which the Bulgarian secret service, directed by the KGB, set up Ali Agca to attempt the assassination of John Paul II was unsubstantiated. Rather than being in isolated conditions, Agca interacted with a steady stream of Italian intelligence operatives who coached him on the supposed Bulgarian connection to the assassination plot. This was in 1981 and no subsequent evidence substantiated this supposed Bulgarian connection. But if there was no Soviet connection to the assassination, who was the power behind it? Also, if there was no Communist source of the attack, how can the Vatican narrative concerning the meaning of the released "Third Secret" be taken seriously? According to the official interpretation, the Third Secret was identical to the 2nd Secret and spoke of the persecution of Christians by the atheistic Communist regimes of the 20th century. This persecution was culminated, according to the official interpretation, with the assassination attempt on the life of John Paul II. If the attempt had nothing to do with Communism and a Communist states attack, how could the interpretation of the vision be correct? The "bishop in white" vision, possibly an account of a vision had by Jacinta -- and recorded by Lucia -- with no relation to the real Third Secret, was cynically used by the Vatican to promote John Paul II as the central figure in the Third Secret when such an interpretation is extraordinarily far-fetched. 

But questions remain. Why did the assassination attempt just happen to occur on May 13th, 1981, the anniversary of the first apparition at Fatima? Why was JPII reported to have been bending down towards a girl with a picture of Our Lady of Fatima on her dress when he was shot? All this takes on a very eery tone when we realize that the woman that had been very briefly trotted out to the world as "Sister Lucy" in 1967, was again trotted out in 1982 at the behest of JPII. Why the desire to open the deception again to public view? Also, does JPII look like he has just been shot in the picture above? I would not be so placid as he seems to be in those circumstances. The whole thing just becomes more and more creepy in light of the facts brought forward by Sister Lucy Truth.

Also, weren't the Grey Wolves, that Ali Agca was a part of, part of Operation Gladio? If so, was there any CIA or US government involvement in either the JPII assassination attempt or the disappearance of the real Sister Lucy?

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  1. I don't believe in mystification, but one more thing wasnt't explained. Before urgent surgery, in risk of death, the cloth should be cutting with shears. The is no time for undressing and panting all buttons. Here is record of papal cassock: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=F56FxUqvB6w

  2. Yes, you got it right bravo, God've enlighten you for your love of the truth. You seek to find out the truth, and you defend and spread the truth. GOD BE WITH YOU and BLESS YOU. Yes, they have been all colluding to destroy the FATIMA MESSAGE. The truth will destroy both DEEP CHURCH AND DEEP STATE. All elites, leaders, politicians, and clergymen were gang-up rapping, torturing, and destroying the Church. They are Trojan Horses from within. The seeds of Satan had entered the Church and destroyed every dogma from the foundation. Paul VI, and John Paul II are Jewish Cabals/Freemasons and they hijacked the church to bring out their Jewish NEW WORLD ORDER.

  3. JPII was a great deceiving and scandalous actor posing as pope. Fr Luigi Villa did extensive research into his life, writings, and words. www.chiesaviva.com/430%20mensile%20ing.pdf

    More emphasis needs to be placed, I believe, on the evidence and the motive for a fake assassination attempt on JPII on May 13, 1981. The article at
    and the accompanying video of the supposed cassock worn by JPII, with blood in the knee area but not around the abdomen, is considerable evidence. Why "they" would not put a lot of blood where it's supposed to be I can only attribute to chutzpah and malicious pleasure at seeing what they can make the stupid Catholic "cattle" believe.

    The motive would be to make antipope JPII appear as a "Fatima Pope," May 13 being the new Feast of Our Lady of Fatima he himself established, and to make him appear anti-communist (and that they considered him a threat and wanted him dead), and to make him the supposed "bishop dressed in white" who is shot and "falls down as if dead" in the bogus 3rd Secret revealed in 2000.

    Such deception goes hand in hand with the usurpation of the papacy in 1958, www.whitesmoke1958.com, and the "disappearing" (and probable murder) of Sr Lucia around the same time. Fr Augustin Fuentes, who last interviewed her in 1957, www.traditioninaction.org/HotTopics/g23ht_Interview.html
    was denounced and reprimanded by the enemy-colonized Vatican in July (I believe) 1958, certainly without the knowledge of Pius XII, who was in ill health and would be dead in 3 months, probably from poisoning. Here is some info on his wretched and corrupt personal physician, a Freemason: www.historyofyesterday.com/the-tale-of-pope-pius-xiis-perfidious-personal-physician-b64a642f6a9e

  4. http://jonahintheheartofnineveh.blogspot.com/2021/12/the-club-of-rome-attempt-to-take-over.html?m=1


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