I am not sure how Joseph Pearce is going to squeeze "Defender of the Faith" out of this quotation, published in 2002, in which Cardinal Ratzinger tries to explain why we Catholics call God "Father"?


Here is the quotation from Cardinal Ratzinger published in the book, God and the World: A Conversation with Peter Seewald published by Ignatius Press. Try to squeeze the Catholic Faith out of an answer that should have been quite simple. The Father is "Father"because He has begotten the Son in all eternity. No? By the way, this was the quotation that really settled my mind, when I read it for the first time in 2006, then throwing the book across the room, that there was no way this man was a Catholic. Now to the quotation from pp. 102-103: When asked about why Catholics speak of God as "Father" and after first giving a his interviewer a evasive answer, his interviewer Peter Seewald, in seeming confusion about his answer, asks, "Do you know?" To this, Ratzinger gives the answer, "I would in the first place hold on to the fact that the word 'Father' naturally remains an image [sic]. It remains true that God is neither male or female, but is simply God. Yet at the same time we are talking about an image that was given to us authentically by Christ himself, as an expression to me in prayer, and is thus non-exchangeable [that's nice of you!]: an image in which he tried to convey to us something concerning the way God sees things [what does this have to do with giving an account of how God IS?]. But why [is God called Father]? At the moment [2000? No one told us about this] we are in a new phase of reflection [Kant. Everything in religions comes down to a mere matter of cognitive 'reflection'] on this question, but I think that in the end we cannot provide an answer [Joe Pearce, have Tolkien call his office!] What we can say is perhaps two things. First, in the religions that existed in the world all around Israel, there were god-couples [hence the flying book], with a god and a goddess. Monotheism, in contrast to that, excluded the idea of a god-couple and, instead of that, regarded mankind, or alternatively Israel, as the chosen partner, the bride, in relation to God....In that way, the female image is given forever to Israel, and likewise to the Church, and finally it is made personal and concrete yet again, in a special way, in Mary. 
                           The second point is that wherever images of the mother-goddess has been used in worship, they have so altered people's thinking about creation that creation has been transformed into emanation and birth....The God who is portrayed in the image of the Father, on the contrary, makes things by means of the Word --- and that is the point at which the specific distinction between the act of creation and the creature becomes quite clear." 

As Archbishop Lefebvre said about the man he was negotiating with way back 40 years ago, "He is not a Catholic." 


  1. I told you and others many times but nothing stocked because nobody would ever believed that those guys are rooted in Jewish Kabbalah Cult. Their religion is a cult. Christ said "your father is Satan".

    Pope John XXIII was a communist and freemason. Paul VI was 100% satanic Cabal and being possessed with homosexual sodomite. John Pau II was also 100% Jew, who was acting as their agent to infiltrate the church.

    Benedict XVI is also a Jew, a Modernist, a heretic, a NWO-Luciferian member of which lodge? I lost the record? Somebody might still have it, provide it please. The entire of his life, he wrote 24 books or more, I can't keep track of his garbage Kabbalah doctrines from their father AC for NWO. Everything come from the Jews are Satanic diabolical disorder. Their NWO is a NWDisorder.

    We have La Salette, Fatima, Akita, Quito, and many mystics, stigmatists, and even Our Mother come down told us what to be watched out for. Still we were so stupid ignored all and now, we are suffering the consequences.

    Do we believe in Jesus or not? How about His Mother? His Saints, His Prophets... and so on. Everybody told us what will come and from whom and how to destroy them. We listened to nobody. Our Lady sad, She cried blood many times because "no one pays attention to Her messages" (Real Sister Lucia said that).

    Archbishop Lefebvre knew the man, he dealt with him for decades try to get the SSPX going. Still anyone believed him yet? One of his Son, Bishop Fellay tried to hijack SSPX for the Vatican II. What a devilish game they played.

    I pray for their conversion, but I have so much doubt in my mind that they would repent and convert because the seeds of Satan is always the seeds of Satan. Children of Mary can not live and mingle with children of Satan. Period.

    He read the Fatima Message but did he do something about that? NOPE. He knew who ordered to silence the real Sister Lucia, but did he do something to bring it out to light? NOPE. He is (I think) probably the one that Paul VI ordered to switch real Sister Lucia with the fake Lucia.

    The whole Vatican II Church is a pseudo-counterfeit church of the NWO-Luciferians to shut down the Kingship of Christ. God was kicked out, Satan is welcome in with red carpet." Yes, come in." Pure and simple, folks. That's a fact.

  2. I purchased part one and two of his trilogy ,The Life of Christ .In part two he states that when Jesus said to His Mother "Behold thy son,and to St John "son behold thy Mother he was simply entrusting His Mother to John and not appointing His Mother as the spiritual Mother of those He redeemed.I did not purchase part three.Ive heard it said Benedict has a brilliant mind, he is a great scholar , knowledge is no substitute for simple Faith.

    1. I can assure you, Modernists, Zionists, Globalists, Communists, Feminists, Satanists, Atheists, Sodomites, and Pedophiles ARE NOT CATHOLICS and NEVER WILL BE unless there are Holy Priests or Bishops EXORCISE THEM SUCCESSFULLY and they are 100% repent and convert. Why? They are being possessed even before they were born through their own family-line.

      Benedict is not brilliant, and not a great scholar. He is a stupid Modernist comes from the Synagogue of Satan (He rooted is Jewish Kabbalah). I don't call those who worship Satan "brilliant mind, great scholar, knowledgeable... No, on the contrary. The Jewish Cabals are the most ridiculous megalomaniacs on this planet. Until God removed them, the world will always have wars and sodomites. That's exactly who they are.


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