We DO have this document! Does this Telegram to the State Department on October 11, 1958 Portray a US Government Favorable to an orthodox Catholic who Upholds the Social Kingship of Christ placed on the Papal Throne?


What do our readers think about this document? Was the US government under Eisenhower/Dulles ready to throw the election to a Liberal Modernist who would fit in with the Americanist ideology? Even one that was very "open to the Left"?


  1. This is documental proof of the invalidity of these men to be true popes... It is one of the conditions for a pope-elect to be approved... No manipulation outside of the conclave...As a matter of fact there was a Swiss guard who wrote a book about all the manipulations around elections of Paul VI... a cardinal that secretly left the Conclave in the evening to assist a Mason meeting ..he was noticed by a Swiss guard and reported. There was a written report about it... the Cardinal who wrote the report about this was found dead ....

  2. The Freemasons/Luciferians, and Globalist-Jews NWO have entered the church a long time ago, they laid low until they have enough "man-power" and "support" then they will steal the church by put in their own man on the chair of St. Peter. They've got the job well done by successfully "elect" a fake pope: a filthy faggot-gay Jew Paul VI and then everything upside down. John XXIII was a communist-Italian pig. He was a forerunner for the AC Paul VI. The man who supposedly work inside the "conclave" was observed everything, the physical "beating, tortured" and then the smoke, from the white smoke to the black smoke... etc, was burnt alive tied on his bed. They killed the only one who witnessed the whole thing.

    They hijacked the church. They will kill the true Vicar of Christ if he accepted the position, and his family too. That's why Siri backed down twice. There is one Vietnamese priest name Fr. Tran Van Khoat had talked to Siri. He had to hunting Siri for months and found him. He confronted Siri, "Because of your cowardice, my family and my country has lost and became Communists, and many others were killed... Don't you trust in God. Don't you believe the Fatima what Our Lady said?..."

    Last time I heard about Fr. Tran V. Khoat was, he left the USA and went back to his original country Vietnam. His faith was totally shaking, some said, he was not even a Catholic no more?! Even his own father denounced him. Pray for him

    Pray for him. Pray for his courage to come back to the church and FIGHT, not run.

    The Jews control and own the USA just as well they do with Russia, Europe, and the rest of the world. They know only way they can take the world by destroy the church from within. Let their "men" infiltrated the church and took all top positions. Then, by then, they can take the whole world like a "walk in a park."


  3. Starting over … can I copy this telegram to my website as a proof of the disturbance amongst the voting cardinals ….which was a reason … for the black and white smoke misleading the people and the news media. I was actually alive at this time and remember the confusion … so the US didn’t want holy traditional Cardinal Siri!!! He certainly would have foiled their evil plans. And I remember how much my Mother disliked John Foster Dulles. Mother was right


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