That's It! It is the Pachamama Worshipers, the Voodoo Participants, the Sister Lucy Eliminators, the Universal Salvation Preachers, and the All Religions Are Willed By God People who are the GOOD GUYS, and the Great Apostasy is on the Part of those who Want No Part of It! I get it John, after 50 years of experiencing the Great Apostasy, I finally get it!


                                                  I told you he was going Novus!

Below is the text from John Salza's most recent article on onepeterfive. I must admit, I did not read the whole thing. The below was the "stick it to you" section. For me it was the "gag me with a spoon" moment.

I know he is going to threaten to sue me for unauthorized posting of the next two paragraphs! John, too bad you were pretending to be a traditionalist when the fake Sister Lucy was writing her love letters to John Paul the Idol Worshipper.

Already we see Catholics, many new to the traditional movement, reacting to the motu proprioby expressing contempt for the Pope and the bishops, and publicizing the same throughout the world (i.e., internet), which is causing further division in the Church (publicly inciting animosities or hatred against the Apostolic See or an ordinary due to an act of power is actually to be punished by an interdict or other just penalty under canon 1373). Some are even leaving the Church for independent chapels, where traditional Masses are celebrated without the consent of the local ordinaries, thereby creating further division and new wounds to the Mystical Body of Christ.

But a mass exodus of Catholics from the Church in the name of “tradition” may be the Great Apostasy forewarned by Our Lady of Fatima. This will happen when Catholics no longer worship in union with their bishops, and thus rupture their juridical bonds with the Church, particularly that of governance

Oh, yeah. And John, where exactly did you get an exact knowledge of the contents of the Third Secret concerning a Great Apostasy. Been invited into the papal apartments lately, and break into the desk?


  1. "But a mass exodus of Catholics from the Church in the name of “tradition” may be the Great Apostasy forewarned by Our Lady of Fatima." wow... just wow... There's some "diabolical inversion" for you...

  2. PS To the above comment I would add that, Catholics today can no more "worship in union with their 'bishops' " than they could at the height of the Arian crisis. Indeed, to call pachamama worshippers Catholic bishops seems like a joke in bad taste.

  3. He is a Freemason and never convert as he pretend to be. He fooled father Gruner and the Fatima Center/Crusader big time. The only one person who is truly with Our Lady and a pious priest is father Paul Kramer. But after Fr. Gruner die the Fatima Center kicked Fr. Kramer out. What's a real traitors, a bunch of clowns pretend to be friends of the Fatima but are friends of the New Religion of the NWO. Help and support the TRUE VOICE of Fatima Message Fr. Kramer.

  4. It was very astute of you to catch that. ‘Apostasy’ means the renunciation of religious beliefs, and the abandonment of one’s faith. John F. Salza, Esq. (as he styles himself) defines it as Catholics no longer worshipping in union with their bishops, which is a new use to me. He seems to identify with the traditionalist side rather than the modernist one, yet claims that it is the latter which is ‘Christ’s true Church’. It is ironic that he says it is the traditionalist side which has embraced apostasy, coming so soon after the article in OnePeterFive in which J.B. Toner opined that Pope Francis has been possessed by Satan!

  5. Weeellll doggies (to quote Jed Clampett)—Slickety Slick Salza!

    We’re full-on in the Twilight Zone now. Imagine if you will, a 32nd degree Freemason, who hides his apron in the closet, infiltrates and “befriends” key players in the traditional Catholic community over several years (most especially The Fatima Center), all the while berating the Novus Ordo church and 2nd Vatican Council. BUT, he will NEVER question the possibility that the current claimant to the Chair of Peter, who preaches a different gospel than the one given to us by the Lord Jesus Christ, and therefore, according to sacred scripture is anathema , is a usurper. In fact, he will berate anyone who dares to question the legitimacy of the rather rotund Argentinian.

    Then this character turns on a dime and flies into the loving arms of that same counterfeit, Masonic, Novus Ordo church. And now he has the absolute gall to cast aspersions on anyone holding fast to the actual Holy Roman Catholic Religion by calling them apostates (in an obvious misuse of the term).

    This guy’s plan is as transparent as the cellophane wrapping sitting in my kitchen drawer.

  6. In the beginning, didn't John Salza capture the trust of Traditionalists by his defense of the chapel veil? It would be interesting to know, does he now renounce the cheese he used on his trap? If those who ate his cheese are in apostasy, is he in apostasy if he still eats his own cheese (encourages chapel veils) while attending the New Novel Rite he knows is schismatic according to the dogma of Trent? Just another caught in his own trap, may God forgive him and have mercy on him should he ask for forgiveness.


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