Israel Owned the US Congress...but that is a good thing? Some interesting statements from Donald Trump.


  1. They owned all our politicians of both parties. They owned all banker cartels. They owned all presidents whosoever dared to fight them, they assassinated. They owned our military. The whole country private sector and public sector are controlled and manipulated by them, the seeds of Satan run this country outright. Who are they? They are the Satan's chosen ones. Why don't Americans know that since 1962 they said that in public, news, lectures... etc.

    They owned Trump. Trump is just an actor they hired to deceive stupid Americans. Trump is just a puppet like the rest of others. So, all who are still believe in Trump really a stupid fool.

    This country was lost because our spiritual leaders have lost the faith. Even Catholics today still live in delusional like drunkards. Israel, the stolen land was made for their "messiah = AC" and their NWO = One world government with their satanic Noahide Law. Americans suck it up like a stupid whore obey the pimp. 85% of Israelis are communist-Russian-Jews. That's a fact. Our Lady said "Russia will spread her errors to the whole world, cause wars... etc" I wonder why nobody connects the dots and preach about that? Oh yes, the Pope should known and condemned that, right? They know that, that's why they took the church down first before they can take the world. They pumped in the church all gays and communists in 1920 through 1980, the church was under all masonic communist agents. The church plunged when they got their perverted gay became the pope: Paul VI. The son of Satan.

    This country will be annihilated if we don't have a TRUE HOLY CATHOLIC POPE NOW who will do the consecration of Russia immediately... This country will not be able to escape the wrath of God.


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