I Wonder Why the Catholic Church "had" to Change its Doctrine and Liturgy during Vatican II? Wasn't Max Horkheimer a Leader of the New Left in the 60s?



  1. I told you, all evils come from the Jews, the seeds of Satan. They are "fake Jews" for they did not believe in Scripture nor God. All the true Jews when they saw and listened to Jesus, they believed in Him for the Scripture foretold about Jesus Christ. Christ had set up His Kingdom here on earth in the Catholic Church. The real religion God made is Catholic church, and Israel refer to the Catholic people. The Judaism was cursed and abolished by God on the minute as Christ's last breath. Therefore, the Jews today and its Israel's land today are made of all liars, murderers, and infact Satan's chosen one = his seeds. Not one good thing ever come from them, all bad fruits.

  2. Though Paul Williams seems to imply secret declassified documents exist in his book "Vatican Exposed" Williams' scholarship is questionable. In his first publication he offers a simplistic "source" to document the declassified documents as proof of their existence.

    Williams quotes Manhattan in several footnotes but following Manhattan's sources is even more suspect. Manhattan doesn't provide a bibliography or any citations just mere narrative and speculation without evidence.

    Subsequent publications of VE are void of the original "citations" Williams provides in the first publication. Hence, either he embellished the existence of the documents or the documents have been suppressed for obvious reasons.

    At this point the only reasonable approach for research is to investigate Zellerbach. If information on Zellerbach can be disclosed it may contain information inadvertently to Siri.

    Any direct request for information relating to Siri is inconclusive however information requested on a secondary source could prove to be primary source. Thus, a request on Zellerbach may reveal evidence that discloses who was truly elected on October 28 1958.

    1. John, can you explain who Zellerbach is?

      There is a large amount of converging evidence which to me provides moral certainty that Siri was elected, with even the Masonic/Communist infiltrators among the cardinals voting for him, since the enemies of Christ knew that the only way to take over the papacy would be through "sede impedita." The threat against Siri, again with much converging evidence, appears to have been a nuclear threat against the Vatican:

      Other articles at whitesmoke1958.com provide an abundance of evidence, including that such impeding of a rightful pope from exercising his office was the fulfillment of many reliable prophecies. The interviews with the principal researcher into the subject, Gary Giuffre, provide even more info, some of it found nowhere else, e.g. his personal dealings with the double agent Malachi Martin, and more. A good place to start would be the witness accounts of the 3rd Secret of Fatima, read by Pius XII on May 13, 1957, that confirmed that Pius XII did read the secret in the company of various chosen cardinals, including the American Cardinal Samuel Stritch, and "wept bitterly" in his room over it. You'll hear that the real 3rd Secret includes the loss of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass that would follow Vatican II (although the exact words of Our Lady of Fatima could not be revealed).

    2. Except for the fact that Siri accepted Vatican II, accepted all the post-Pius XII popes, and never gave any indication that he had ever been elected pontiff.

  3. Cardinal Bea was Jewish and chose Fr Malachi Martin (a double agent serving Jewish interests) as his secretary. Bea was the intermediary between the Jewish organizations pushing for their subversive agenda to influence Vatcan II, and the Vatican, including being exculpated for the crime of Deicide. He wasn't on the 1976 Pecorelli list of Freemasons in high positions in the Church, nor was Roncalli or Montini, but they were all initiated into Freemasonry, all serving Judeo-Masonic interests.

    1. Indeed, Bea was a modernist scoundrel. Martin, however, was just that, a secretary. There is no evidence he was any kind of "double agent." Moreover, his body of written work disproves his association with the cabal as he effectively names names and lays out the whole plot.

  4. Yes, Dr. Max Horkheimer was a (((Critical Theory change agent))). He reached Director of the infamous Frankfurt School of Critical Theory following an "endowment from a wealthy businessman." When Jewish malevolence triggered a reaction in Germany, he eventually brought his poison to Los Angeles and the AJC.

    The full letter and attached memorandum can be downloaded here: http://www.ajcarchives.org/AJC_DATA/Files/6A2.PDF


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