What Sense Should We Make of the Fact that Cardinal Luciani (John Paul I) Met with "Sister Lucy" in 1977?


Cardinal Luciani’s attitude was quite different. His profound humility and extreme modesty had predisposed him to receive the very special grace of his conversation with Heaven’s messenger, on July 11, 1977. The following year, in his Easter homily, he said to his diocesan faithful:

The idea never even occurred to me that Sister Lucy dos Santos could be inferior to me, a bishop and a cardinal. On the contrary, I thought: What good fortune for me to be able to talk with this little Sister who saw Our Lady! The only true grandeur in the Church is not to occupy such and such a position but to be saints.

During the Passion and Resurrection of Jesus, the women play a more edifying role than that of the men. Jesus did not call on the women to preach, as He did the seventy disciples or the twelve Apostles. On the other hand, He wanted them to help and encourage the Apostles. All down the centuries, He followed the same method: He sent a Catherine of Sienna, a Teresa of Avila, a Bernadette, a Lucia dos Santos, an Armida Barelli to encourage bishops and Popes.”

The cardinal’s confidences to Sister Vincenza, who was attached to his service at the Patriarchate of Venice, show to what extent he was impressed by the personality of Our Lady’s messenger. After his meeting with her, he knew what to think of Father Dhanis’ theories against the revelations of Fatima: he could no longer doubt the absolute truth of Sister Lucia’s testimony. Listen to what he said:

Sister Lucy is an extraordinary woman, strong and trustworthy; she has the moral fibre of a country woman and an amazing memory. She speaks with short, broken phrases, which go straight to the heart of problems and events. She is seventy years old, and yet she retains the freshness of a young girl. Her eyes are clear. She is simple, spontaneous, calm and smiling. She lives as though she were the last of the Carmelites. She speaks with an open heart, without searching for her words; she is profoundly convinced of what she is saying, and she says it with passion. Sister Lucy of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a cherished daughter of the Church.”

Dr. Chojnowski: What to think of the statements above by Cardinal Albino Luciani? It is difficult for me, knowing what we know from our investigation so far into the case of Sister Lucia dos Santos (See sisterlucytruth.org), to accept as genuine the statements cited above. How could they keep a cardinal who was obviously a potential "pope" in the dark as regards the substitution of Sister Lucy? Either the man is a consummate liar or he is outside the loop with regard to the fact that Sister Lucy of Fatima was taken off the scene at least 10 years before his encounter with the imposter in the summer of 1977. To me, knowing what we know about the woman who was the imposter, it seems wildly ridiculous to speak of the woman first appearing on May 13, 1967 in the way that he speaks of her. Her eyes are "clear."  Her mind is "simple." She is "profoundly convinced of what she is saying." Was he completely fooled by the woman and her handlers or are these all euphemistic references to the fact that this woman obviously does not know what she is speaking about as regards the Fatima apparitions or the situation in the World and the Church? 

What we have seen convinces us that there was a substitution of Sister Lucy some time after 1958. Whatever Luciani is speaking about it is not about the real Sister Lucy. His involvement with "Sister Lucy" in 1977, means that he has to be considered a suspect and person of interest with regard to the disappearance of Sister Lucy and with regard to the cover-up that followed her "disappearance." 


  1. "She is seventy years old, and yet she retains the freshness of a young girl" he said ,was the substitute much younger then the real Sr Lucia ? He seems to have been a man of integrity judging by his handling of that banking scandal.

  2. John Paul I was killed for just 33 days, so obviously he was not one of them, and they knew that he soon will terminate them all for sure. All of these garbage about him I do not buy. As soon as he got in, he wanted to "audit" the Vatican II Banking System (money in, money out, who, where, when, how, and what) The Freemasons/Luciferians of the Rothschild-NWO Banker Cartel know that they will be exposed and be destroyed, so bis their Israel project will be "gone with the wind" too, for the man was truly determined to clean up the church. He probably knew about the true Sister Lucia was "silenced" after met with Fr. Fuentes in 1957. He would be a fool to think that the woman in 1977 was a real Sister Lucia. I am personally doubt that. I feel deep in my heart even now, he might had had some vision of the church and of his own life. I heard that Padre Pio met him while he was a young seminarian, and have foretold him about his fate? It was a long time, I don't recall 100% sure but I think John Paul I was the only one "clean-cut pope" in among the Vatican II pseudo counterfeit church. When he was elected, the Freemasons were so furious that they could not get their man in. They swore to cut him off short. Pope John Paul I knew that, and he hurried up in his determination, "follow the money" and exorcist the devils out of the church. That was why he hit in the Jewish Banking Cartel first and foremost. They laundry their blood money and hide under a "religious"... Nobody will find out right? Sure?!!! The blood of Christ, His Apostles, His Disciples, His Shepherds, His Sheep... and all humanity stained on the heads of the Jews forever and ever. Snake is always a snake. Satan's chosen ones will always be Satan's chosen ones. For 2000 years, did anyone find a different pattern of the Jews???!!! NOPE.

  3. Probably Luciani knew too many about the assasination of Sr. Lucía of Fátima and her substitution for “Lucía of Coímbra” about October of 1958. That could be another reason (besides his projects of purge in the Curia and the IOR) for his elimination in September of 1978 by orders of Casaroli and Marcinkus.

  4. I think it warrants further investigation whether the future John Paul I actually met Sister Lucia, or the replacement. Surely it can be verified that he led a diocesan retreat to Fatima, surely that they visited Coimbra and that he had a long meeting with Sister Lucia. If so, who requested the meeting? Why? What was said? It is only at the Abbé de Nantes community where this narrative is mentioned. Who are their sources? Did the meeting have an impression on Luciano? If so, what? If so, what was said? If it was prophetic, then only the real Sister Lucy could have known this. Then it might lead to the possible fact that she was still living there. That would be at least place her as still living in 1977. It may be one huge fabrication, or just maybe it is not


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