Fr. Dominic Bourmaud's "One Hundred Years of Modernism" Correctly Identified Modernism as an Epistemological Heresy --- Hence its Radical Nature. Arius spoke, wrongly, about "Substance," while Modernism Reduces Everything to Mindstuff. Thank you, Father, for reminding us of that!


In One Hundred Years of Modernism: A Genealogy of the Principles of the Second Vatican Council, trans. Anne-Marie Temple (Kansas City, MO: Angelus Press, 2006), Fr. Dominic Bourmaud SSPX (RIP), begins his discussion of the "synthesis of all heresies," in the following way: "Modernism is one hundred years old. Larousse describes the heresy as the religious crisis marking the pontificate of Pius X (1903-1914). The same dictionary also highlights the crux of the crisis, namely, the efforts of its proponents to harmonize traditional Catholic doctrine with the new philosophy and modern biblical criticism. In short, it was a struggle of generations within the very bosom of the eternal Church, a struggle ultimately resolved by compelling the new to fall into line with the old....With St. Pius X, the case seemed closed. So why pore over dusty old documents to revive a dead issue of scant interest even to the most ardent amateur of Church history? 
    But, to quote G.K. Chesterton, 'the corpse has apparently revived' and today reigns triumphant in that very same bosom of the Church, lustier and more vigorous than ever. We maintain that this movement remains fundamentally unchanged, and purpose to show in this introduction why such an inquiry is justified and even necessary. For all but those 'who will not see' there is manifestly a grave internal crisis currently afflicting the Catholic Church. The reader conscious of this will find the present inquiry to be of the greatest interest, aware that it concerns the very survival of the Church."

Dr. Chojnowski: What is this "new philosophy" that threatens the "very survival of the Church." Let us see as we dive into Fr. Bourmaud's text.


  1. In the SSPX mass this morning that I attended, Fr. Alessio talked about this "youngest priest ever be ordained in the SSPX..." He praised this "youngest priest" and ask us to pray for him. I am quite sure he must have a very special "call in religious vocation". God made him for one purpose and he has fulfilled in so many way for God had called him "right from High-School and straight into the seminary..." May this "youngest priest" receive his crown in Heaven for he had exposed the BEAST of the end time. First, Communism and now Modernism... all the antichrists and their leaven come from the Jewish Kabbalah. All wicked, evil, perverted, and immorality come straight from their "bible of the Jews". Their 37 Talmud books proved it. All wars and injustice monetary that lead to destruction come from the Jewish Banker Cartel. Now their Scientists invented bioweapons to wipe off 95% humanity that they considered "worthless-eaters"... Communism, Modernism, Feminisms, Zionism, Atheism, Satanism, ... you name it, all come from one root: the Jews/Cabals. (Btw, Protestants were rooted from Judaism and that's a fact).

    1. Great post! While I am somewhat familiar with everything you said, I am ninterested to hear what you have to say about the last" thing - Protestants were rooted from Judaism." Would you mind elaborating and/or providing some source material I might be able to look into? Thank you in advance.


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