"Dr. Mascaro's Oral Surgeon Report for Sister Lucy Truth." Why do objective observers and experts see it as clear, while our "Fatima Experts" say, "She is older! She has dentures!"? Please. Read the reports. Get angry. Seek justice for Sister Lucy. It cries out to Heaven for Vengeance.


  1. They know their story is a cover-up. They know they don't have anything else to fabricate but keep on lying hopefully stupid sheeple will bite it, swallow it, and shut up and die. It has been over 6 decades long, folks. The media, together with all the clown-bishops and puppet-priests have been poisoned the sheep to betray God and His Mother. The Fatima Message was twisted even by the ones who supposedly support and promote Fatima Message. Have you ever heard of "Blue Army?" and on and on... one by one all the people who fought for Fatima died out and faded away. Even Fr. Gruner group, after he die, the Fatima Center become a compromise confused-twist. Thank God for Fr. Paul Kramer, he stood tall and firm and fight for the TRUTH. Doesn't matter what, GOD FIRST AND FOREMOST MUST BE HEARD, THE TRUTH MUST BE SPREAD, AND THE VICTORY MUST COME TO THE IMMACULATE HEART.

    I pray daily for this group "Sister Lucia Truth" and for Fr. Paul Kramer, two persons are fighting a great difficult fight and very important issue, but have nobody supports and help them. Why? Why Catholics are so blind and stingy when it come to the true battles?

    Support and protect your last source, these people are trying to bring out the TRIUMPH TO THE IMMACULATE HEART and so you can have peace and prosperity. Help them. They need financial support immediately. Fr. Paul Kramer and Dr. Chojnowski. Please be generous to their works. They need every dollar that you can contribute. Please, the darkness is over shadow the church and the world and only TWO BLESSED CANDLES ARE LIGHT. HELP DON'T BLOW OUT THE LIGHT.


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