In 2005, why did Cardinal Ratzinger Order the Cell of "Sister Lucy" sealed immediately after "her" death? Was it to do a deep DNA scrub? Let our investigators into that cell! Show us that we are wrong.


  1. Because the truth will expose all of them, all Vatican II and their clans are NOT Catholics but Trojan Horses. They are Jews/Zionists/Communists/Modernists/Globalists, and perverted faggots of the NWO. The DNA of those two women will prove the Fatima Message (3rd secret) was about them and their NWO-genocide (wars, man-made famines, man-made hunger, man-made virus/germs... etc, etc....) The real Sister Lucia was killed right after the interview with Fr. Fuentes in 1957, and the fake sister Lucia died in 2005 way later. The blood of the Saint Sister Lucia and the blood of billions innocent people who died because of the errors of Russia and the Jews World Disorder fall on their heads and the head of the bad pope Benedict XVI. Francis is just a clown of the Anti-Christ for now. All of them are guilty in this life and in the next. They have only hours to convert, not days no more. Pray that he comes to his sense and repent before it's too late. The blood of the Jews (Jewish Kabbalah) run deep in those fake popes and fake bishops. Never trust a convert Jew, they never ever truly be converted to Catholic because Jesus said "YOUR FATHER IS SATAN..." loud and clear. When God condemned publicly, it's it. Praise to true God and true Man: JESUS CHRIST not gods of the Jews: the Anti-Christ and their NWO.


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