Why was a top-level member of Opus Dei selling secrets to the Soviets and to Russian intelligence for over 20 years? Will Opus Dei be behind the Sister Lucy of Fatima Mystery?

Dr. Chojnowski: While currently reading the book by Craig Unger, American Kompromat (New York: Penguin Random House, 2021), I have stumbled again into the fascinating and, perhaps, perplexing case of Robert Philip Hanssen, an Opus Dei member who worked for the FBI from 1979 until the time of his arrest in 2001. He was arrested, finally, for his having been the most dangerous and subversive mole that ever existed at the FBI. He had spent 20 years funneling top-flight information on all aspects of the United States' Cold War activities, to both the KGB and, after 1991, to Russian intelligence for a total payout of over $1,000,000. Why would a "right-wing" "Catholic" be feeding intelligence and counter-intelligence to Red Russia during the height of the Cold War. Was it only because he could not afford the housing around New York and Washington and needed a bit of extra income to cover costs, or was there other reasons in play, specifically organizational reasons? This is a question that has not been answered in the 20 years since Hanssen was arrested. 
    Craig Unger himself looks at this situation, as he does others, from a left-wing American Establishment vantage point (Harvard grad) that seems rooted --- not of course unusual --- in a high school textbook view of American and World History. He certainly believes every Utopian Enlightenment Myth that has ever been put forward concerning America and its role in the world. His analysis of such "right-wing" manifestations as Francisco Franco and his regime, the "authoritarian" Catholic Church, and the supposedly "right-wing" "ultra-orthodox" stance of Opus Dei are truly laughable. Just to give one example, Opus Dei, in Franco's Spain in the 1950s, had made a judgment that Franco's Catholic State could never be overthrown and a liberal democracy open to oligarchical control could not be instituted while the Generalissimo was still alive. The needed, instead, to infiltrate his government and persuade him to adopt liberal capitalism as a model and open Spain up to international trade and global economic dependence. In this way, they would transition Spain to the liberal state that they wanted it to be, counting on a future King Juan Carlos' treachery to Franco's Spanish ideal, after the general's death, to complete the transition. Just as Opus Dei did not desire a traditionally orthodox Catholic Church, so to they did not desire a traditional State as existed in Spain from 1939 through 1975. 

To be continued.......


  1. Opus Dei is a communist organization created by the Luciferians/Freemasons to support, to spread out lies and propaganda to promote the new religion of the Vatican II. They all have one thing in mind, destroy the foundation of the Catholic Faith in order to take up the whole world under their AntiChrist and one world New World Order (new Jews world order = Synagogue of Satan).

  2. I read somewhere, i believe it was in one of Gary Giuffre's articles at whitesmoke1958.com, that Msgr. Montini (the future Paul VI) and Opus Dei's founder Jose Maria Escriva were sent by ??? to have Sr Lucia leave the Dorothean nuns and become a Carmelite. It wasn't her decision. There are some sinister dots to connect here.

    1. Do you mean Gary Giuffre's in Stafford, Texas? The man is a crook, a double agent of both NWO-Vatican II religion and the Traditional. He plays both sides. I know about his dirty stealing the church that Traditional Catholics built for himself and of course for the Vatican II. Don't trust the pseudo-half and half traditional. He got Vatican II priests in his church (stole from Traditional Catholics). Have the Latin Mass, but everything else wishy washy... compromised is the road to hell.


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