July 13th Marks the Date on Which the Children of Fatima Received a Vision of Hell and Would Have Died of Fright Had Not the Virgin Been With Them. A Similar and, yet, Contemporary Account of An Experience of Hell. Sounds Similar.



  1. They don't believe Jesus taught them about Hell. They don't believe Our Lady warned them about Hell. They don't believe the Saints and the Prophets proved to them about Hell... Who will they believe? Nobody!!! They will die in their sins and still open their mouth "quack" against God and full of pride to go to Hell to meet their Boss, thinking that in Hell they can "party and lust as much as they want"... Let the reality wake them up in Hell. Pray for the conversion of the sinners but focus to save your own soul and your own family, your church, your parish, your priests, your bishops and your pope first. The "HERESY COME FROM THE TOP..." The warnings of Fatima is for this very time but still nobody listening. Keep blow the trumpets, every Catholic, keep shouting from the rooftop for the days come so close.

  2. One way to know how reliable his story is would be to know what kind of life he lives and what he does with the millions of dollars he's earned from his book and speaking engagements and other promotions. If it really happened, one would think there would be a impulse to become a traditional Catholic, pray the Rosary often, and also do many acts of penance like the Fatima children did.


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