How are Mike and Chris going to get around this one? Either you are part of the New Counterfeit Church or you are part of the Catholic Church of All the Ages, Francis forces all to CHOOSE! I think the Ottaviani Intervention spoke about this "choice" in 1969, what is it now......2021?????


  1. Dr. Chojnowski, my opinion... this is not bad at all, in fact, from the standpoint that Bugnini and Modernist minions had their masonic art on both Masses, why wouldn't Our Good Lord and High Priest get rid of both, N.O. and 62 liturgies? The N.O. Mass is right behind this action.

    The Church will return to St. Pius V, Tridentine Mass truly promulgated for the universal worship of God to win the great graces mankind needs to fulfill “Instaurare omnia in Christo”.

    Well... Bergoglio is doing Our Lord a favor, get rid of both masonic infected liturgies. How ironic, the very masonic dark matter is removing the very thing they created! Only God can arrange such a divine comedy!

    Deo Gratias,
    Our Lady of Mt Carmel, pray for us!

    1. Patrick--- I think you need to re-exam your faith and your soul. Don't mock God for He will not be mocked. Do you really think God needs a Satanist-Freemason like Bergoglio do Him a "favor?" The whole world and the whole church are blind, deaf, and dumb---As long as the Fatima Message is not heeded and obeyed, all of these chaos will continue to destroy even "the elect"... Your comment proves you are under the "smoke of hell"...

  2. FM: I don't agree. Patrick is not mocking our Lord. Often in Sacred Scripture King David speaks of the enemy falling into their own traps which is clearly happening with SP and TC. If our dear Lord can use Satan to sanctify Padre Pio and St. John Vianney, St. Veronica Giuliani and a host of others, why would He refuse to use his minions, Paul VI et. al?


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