"Fraud at Fatima" - Part 3" -The Bizarre Interviews of Imposter Lucy


  1. Unbelievable, still people out there intentionally and deliberately keep on denied the truth. Ratzinger (Pope Benedict XVI) has a lot to answer to this greatest crime in the history of the Church and the world. This evil will affect all mankind, either he comes out clean now. Or he will go to hell with 7 billion souls with him. Pray for him, please. He has no grace to convert himself due to his crimes and his sin. (DID NOT YOU KNOW ALL THE TRAITORS IN THE CHURCH AND IN THE WORLD ARE ROOTED IN JEWISH RELIGION??? YES. YES. YES. PAUL VI IS A 100% HARD-CORD JEW AND FAGGOT. JOHN PAUL II IS A JEW. RATZINGER IS A JEW (HIS MOTHER IS A JEW)... ALL JEWS CONVERTED TO CATHOLIC CAN'T BE TRUSTED. THEY ARE TROJAN HORSES. I JUST CAN'T NOT TRUST ANY JEWS. ).... and on, and on... and on...


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