Ratzinger knows about the substitution of Sister Lucy of Fatima. It is time for him to come clear about this --- the Greatest Cover-Up in the History of the Catholic Church!


This is the only image I have of the Fake Sister Lucy with Cardinal Ratzinger. He met with her, had a picture taken to portray to the world that this was the real Sister Lucy. He knows that this is a fraud and that his portrayal of the Third Secret was also a complete fraud. Why don't these men ever come clean? Even when facing death and judgment?


  1. who is this other person in the photo?

  2. Cardinal Ratzinger is holding his hands in an unusual manner.

    1. That is the hand signal of the Masonic (Freemasons, Luciferians' cult have over 333 signals). Either he signaled to us "here is the cover up of the real sister Lucia arrived" or he is telling the other gangs that their plan is up to date, we found the new "messenger" to cover our asses. Pick out the one you like according to your believe in him. I personally think, he is one of them. But more time he live and see thing, he begin to torture in his suffering---his conscious has bothered him day and night. Because of his errors and the errors of the Vatican II, over 2 billions people had died and lost the faith, and now 7 billions more are going the same path if he is not come out clean now. That is why JESUS SAID "PRAY A GREAT DEAL FOR THE POPE..." PRAY THAT HE GAINS HIS GRACE AND COME CLEAN, RATHER DIE AND BY MARTYR THAN LIVE AND BE A TRAITOR. HE HAS NO GRACE TO DEFEND THE TRUTH BECAUSE HE CONTRIBUTES SO MUCH HERESIES INTO IT FOR HIS ENTIRE LIFE. IT'S VERY DIFFICULT TO TURN 180 DEGREE OPPOSITE. Pray for him, according to some mystics, he will repent and come clean before his last breath. PRAY FOR HIM, HE IS UNDER A LOT OF SPIRITUAL AND PHYSICAL TORTURES. HE KNEW HIS SINS AND THE PRICE OF HIS FAILURE. Now he is so regret that he rejected and resented Father Gruner and Fatima Message. Too late for him, pray extra Rosary to Father Gruner to help Pope Benedict XVI before it's too late.

    2. Devil horns, he did it constantly- the Rat is a Rat infiltrator.

  3. I think it was pent up guilt on his part, knowing he was wrapped up in an immeasurably great evil conspiracy to which he was either committed or from which he just could not extricate himself that made Ratzinger reveal to Fr Dollinger, a close friend of his, that the Third Secret included a foretelling of "a bad council and a bad mass": onepeterfive.com/cardinal-ratzinger-not-published-whole-third-secret-fatima/


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