Why did Cardinal Ratzinger (20 year Co-Coverup Artist in the Sister Lucy Disappearance Case) Fail to Say that the Miracle of the Sun was Actually a Miracle in an interview in 2000.

Here is the relevant text concerning the topic of the Miracle of the Sun from Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger (Benedict XVI), God and the World: A Conversation with Peter Seewald, trans. Henry Taylor (San Francisco: Ignatius Press, 2002), p. 309: "WHATEVER happened or did not happen on that October thirteenth, from a purely scientific point of view, we have no way of knowing for certain. What matters is that people were visibly moved by the unique experience of that moment. They were able to realize, something is happening. And in some way or other the sun became for them a sign of the mystery that lies beyond it." 

Dr. Chojnowski: No where here is there any indication that the Cardinal recognizes the "happenings" of October 13th to be a miracle, this, even though such has been acknowledged by the Catholic Church in the past. Everything he mentions has to do with the psychological affect that "whatever" happened had on those who were "viewing" the something that was happening. Our Lady must have called them all there in order to get them to realize that "something is happening." In other words, Ratzinger has no belief in the Miracle of the Sun, he follows his Neo-Modernist ways by reducing everything to a matter of human knowledge and consciousness, and he clearly would pull the plug on the entire Fatima event by implying that "the Lady" had not really performed a miracle as she promised 3 months in a row. Just as he covered up the disappearance and replacement of Sister Lucy of Fatima, said that the revelations to Sister Lucy after 1917 were most probably the fanciful workings of an over-imaginative pious mind, he here dismisses the Miracle of the Sun as being no different than any other thing that points "beyond" itself --- namely, everything. No wonder he was appointed to be in charge of the fake Sister Lucy Persona in support of the Modernist takeover of the institutional organization of the Catholic Church and ensure, as John XXIII said back in 1959, that the "Holy Office" would make sure that the Fatima Message and "Sister Lucy" "ran along the proper lines," especially now that "Sister Lucy" is a "pious nun" living in the Carmel of Coimbra. If you think about it long enough, these words are more than chilling.
But........when is the next conference?


  1. He can't exorcist himself. He can't free himself. He needs us to rescue him. Because his sins are so great, so horrible, it involves more than 8 billions souls who live on this planet earth, not even mention 2 billions babies aborted in the wombs for Satan/Baal = Jewish Kabbalah rituals.

    All the Popes of the Vatican II religion, except Pope John Paul I that they killed in just 33 days in office, the rest of them were rooted in FREEMASON/LUCIFERIAN = SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN for the NEW RELIGION of the New World Order.

    According to Catholic Teaching and Belief, I have obligation to judge everything and everyone on OBJECTIVELY JUDGMENT (not Subjectively Judgment), thus, I say, unless the miracle happens, that many people pray for him to repent and convert, he has no chance to save his soul---Why? The damages had already been done for the last 60 years. Take Pope John Paul I out, they killed him because he was not "one of them"... All the faggots and pedophiles "Poop" of the Vatican II are condemned. 100% condemned so don't bow down and salute them as "SAINTS" for they are burning in hell. Apostates, can never be called Catholics and never can be SAINTS. Period.

    All who follow Vatican II are stupid, actually SPIRITUALLY STUPID, BLIND, DEAF, AND DUMB---regardless how many degrees that they hold. Their secular intellectual doesn't guarantee them DIVINE INTELLECTUCAL ONLY COME FROM HOLY SPIRIT AND GOD ONLY GIVE THE VIRTUES TO THE HUMBLE SOULS WHO OBEY AND WORSHIP THE TRUE GOD. Throw away their teachings, their belief, their culture of death, run away from the Vatican II. You and me, we are obligated to expose them and kicked them out of the church. What's wrong with us? Is there no "Church militant" in our DNA now???

    Let say the robbers got into your house, wreckage everything and threatened to kill everybody in your house and you just stand there and smile and look stupid? Hah??? We are actually look stupid right now for 60 years we looked at them ruined the church and just smile???


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