The Fate of Catholic Life in the Counterfeit NewChurch.


The Above Image was Produced by the "Archdiocese" of Dublin, by the way.


  1. Poor Steve Skojec, and all the other discouraged, despondent, confused, unhappy, "betrayed," etc. etc. Catholics who don't know what happened to the Church to bring it to this present abominably deplorable and scandalous state. The need t know what happened at the 1958 papal conclave, which inaugurated the "Eclipse of the Church" and the long-prophesied "Great Apostasy." I'd leave a comment at his blog but it costs money so I'll try to email him, something I thought I'd do a while back after getting banned from 1Peter5. Unless he's changed, Steve doesn't even accept the undeniable (except by a violent act of the will) proof of the Sr Lucia Impostor. I don't think any of these semi-trad sites mention it. Orders from on high must be saying, Don't go down that dangerous and explosive rabbit hole! Fear and cowardice are apparently epidemic, and blindness. How many Catholics even question the scandalous and sacrilegious "canonizations" of the three NWO assets John XXIII "the Caretaker," Paul VI "the Destroyer" and an active homosexual, and JPII "the globetrotting superstar," the latter who got rid of the "devil's advocate" in the canonization process to make their unholy "sainthood" possible? Fr Luigi Villa wrote scathingly revealing articles on all three of them, but what he discovered and wrote about had to be suppressed. He also had 7 attempts on his life.

    As for me, I'm at peace because I can see what happened, why, and by whom. "Felix qui potuit [potest] rerum cognoscere causas." I see myself as a special forces soldier under Our Lady. So many Catholics are miserable because they don't know the causes of things and are therefore confused. Where do I start? Do you prefer a video/audio presentation? Then "Papal Imposters" (except the Judeo-Masonic asset Malachi Martin was intentionally deceiving when he spoke about the 1963 conclave, to divert attention from the pivotal 1958 conclave which produced the first of 6 anti-popes), and "The Siri Project."
    Or articles:

    The takeover of the visible structures of the Church culminating in the crime of "sede impedita" at the 1958 conclave is obvious to me, but then again, I've done a lot of research on the subject, plus I don't have to pay a high price for believing in sedevacantism (the situation in the Church after the rightfully elected pope died in 1989, or was most likely murdered, the likely fate of Sr Lucia as well). Most people experience serious cognitive dissonance when presented with evidence for the threatening into (invalid) abdication of a rightfully elected pope. How will this affect me? is a natural reaction. There is a price to pay for accepting the unpleasant truth, but as Jesus said to St Paul, "My grace is sufficient for you." And Our Lady of Fatima promised, "My Immaculate Heart will be your refuge..." Coraggio! Be thankful you are being called to be part of a small but growing "Remnant" faithful to Catholic Tradition in all things, including all the sacramental rites, all of which Paul VI "the Destroyer" changed, invalidating the all-important episcopal consecration rite -- intentionally. The story on that extremely important subject is at

    1. The Holy Spirit has drawn many to Sedevacantism. In the end the true Church will be victorious with Our Lady's triumph.


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