"The Apostate In White And The 3rd Secret of Fatima": Why does the claim that the Third Secret (To be understood more "clearly" in 1960) is about the attempted assassination of JPII, seem increasingly absurd?


  1. A bunch of stupid Freemasons/Luciferians in disguise under religious clothing don't have any brain to hide their "lies and propagandas." So, the only thing they can think of was to point the finger to their fake pope Jewish Cabal double-lives-actor's assassinated event. What a dumb cover-up, so laughable to everyone even a kid ten year old know better than that.

  2. The cork Cross is also a mystery ,the Angel sprinkling the blood of the martyr s on sinners making their way back to God is another,surely only the Blood of Christ can redeem.The children spoke of the Holy Father ,why use the term a Bishop dressed in white.If Sr Lucia was replaced ,how do we know if that is the true secret.Those responsible for such a deception would be capable of anything.

    1. Anything published from "sister Lucia" after 1958 were all fake and fabricated. They killed the real sister right after the long last interview with Father Fuentes in 1957. So, they killed her in the time of 1957. By 1958 immediately, they got their fake sister Lucia in. Because all the things come out of the fake sister Lucia's mouth, and her letters, her book, got out after that contradictory to the information before 1958. The Synagogue of Satan has entered Christ's Church and turned everything upside down with their agents in Vatican II.
      The term "Bishop dressed in white" is a correct term, because he is not a real pope. The 3rd secret of Fatima exposed the fake popes, fake bishops, fake church. Vatican II is a fake church, a new religion of the Luciferians/Freemasons of the Jewish Kabballah. They are Antichrists. All of them support New World Order. All of them rooted with Jewish, the Synagogue of Satan.

  3. Indeed ¨more clearly¨ because by 1960 the Cabal would manifest its raw power over the world and what the world is experiencing is just a taste of it. It is not about Russia either and that is the real coverup. Has Russia fought God for the last 5000 years? The real coverup began in 1917 and the ¨Mayor¨ a converso name must have heard rumors about the name of the country/people that was mentioned and it wasn´t Russia. Ergo his violent action and kidnapping of the 3 children of Fatima and wanting to know the name of the country that is to be Consecrated is the only explanation for his wicked reaction. He was emotionally involved because it touched a nerve. Later they would get vengenance on Jacinta with another fake pandemic. Was there any real reason to remove her rib (without pain killers)?



    The double Sr. Lucy theory may or may not be true but it is not the basis of the real coverup right from the beginning.

  4. What shocks me most about all this....is that nothing shocks most people...no reaction... they are comfortably numb. Scary!!


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