Dr. Peter Chojnowski is interviewed by Mrs. Judie Sharpe for ISOC on the New Gnosticism of the "Right" and its Infiltration of Catholic Tradition. Manicheanism for an Ecumenical Age.



  1. Your ignorance is astounding. You've proven Wolfgang's very point: you have no idea what he's talking about. You've misconstrued and distorted everything he believes into a horror show.

    In a word, it's bullshit.

    Try reading his interview with Bernard Janzen, 'Unmasking the Faces of Antichrist' (http://triumphcommunications.net/booksother.html)

    1. Maybe of simply making an assertion, how about you actually make an argument?

      Point out where exactly Dr. Chojnowski is misrepresenting, misinterpreting, or misunderstanding Dr. Smith, since you profess to be so knowledgeable on the subject.

    2. See comment by Brian M @ http://radtradthomist.chojnowski.me/2021/04/practice-of-occult-arts-of-alchemy.html -- and my sub-comment there (if it's approved).

  2. Just only a few days ago, you agreed with the other commenter condemned and exposed Martin
    Malachi as "double agent" and all kinds of scandals and today you give a link to a book praise him
    as "Servant of Christ?" Are you people on drugs?

  3. Dear Friend,
    Here we go again! Exactly WHAT have I distorted and misconstrued? Exactly what? There is always this escape into the "esoteric" realm where what Smith is saying is not the rank apostasy that it seems to be in "exoteric" language and ideas. Please enlighten!

  4. This differs from saying sun miracles are actually comets how?

    1. A miracle is a miracle. The physical mechanism by which it happened on October 13th, 1917 is up to God the Blessed Virgin Mary. Why can't the Miracle of the Sun have a physical component involving a comet? Why wasn't the solar system destroyed and why did no one outside of the Fatima area see or feel the "dance" of the Sun. Note, Our Lady said that there was going to be a miracle in October, not a solar miracle. With Dr. Ferriin's research, the physical aspects of the Miracle could be explained while the viewers experience of it would be identical to what has always been said about it. He just demonstrates that it is not, in any way, a simple "matter of the mind."

  5. Hi Dr. Chojinowski, I've listened to your interview.

    You blame Wolfgang Smith as "an occultist" due to the mention he does of the traditional sacred sciences.

    But it's not coherent to praise his criticism of scientism—as you do—while condemning key elements necessary for such a discernment—the traditional sciences.

    You are mistaking them with their modern, occultist parodies; which is mixing chalk and cheese.

    Also, when you blame Dr. Smith as preferring "a God born of the darkness", you're not taking into account he's known as a staunch defender of the Holy Trinity.

    I don't think your portrayal of him as a malignant, strayed figure can convince anybody having bothered to read what he has to say.



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