Does Sister Lucy Truth Have No Idea Where the Imposter Sister Lucy is from? Wrong. From the Reports of 3 Linguistic Analysts, the Imposter's Accent Places Her From or From Someplace Near Viseu, Portugal.

Read the reports below that detail both an accent from an area far north of Fatima, but also, bizarre conversation coming from the Imposter Sister Lucy, which could not, by any stretch of the imagination, come from the real Sister Lucy dos Santos, only surviving seer of Fatima. If anyone in Viseu knows who this woman is, please let us know at 


  1. I read that way back and I pray for you to dig it out for we will not rest, neither the true Sister Lucy.
    That means you are almost to find out the TRUE IDENTITY OF THE FAKE SISTER LUCY. When you nailed her down (with or without the DNA) from her and/or her relatives... Of course, then you can come to conclusion even without finding the TRUE BODY OF THE REAL SISTER LUCIA. After all, we don't even need the DNA of the real Sister Lucia. The fake sister Lucia's DNA will expose herself and her bosses, all the scumbags "Jewish Cabals" who infiltrated the church and lurked inside the Vatican II Counterfeit church. They want so bad to bring out their "messiah" who will be controlled by them and who will do the evil for them to steal the land that God had kicked them out 2000 years ago. Loud and Clear, God condemned and cursed the Jews, abolished their religion and burnt down their synagogues. Still some stupid "Katholics" today still don't even know it for they can't read the WORDS OF GOD AND UNDERSTAND IT. Why is so? Because they become perverted like all Talmudic-Jews. Their gods are not our GOD, for they have never ever received the Holy Spirit from the beginning. God sent Prophets, they didn't listen. God come in fresh to teach them the truth, they gathered and killed HIM. This time Vatican II will be burnt alive together with all their "rabbis Pharisees and Sadducees and NWO mouthpieces. Triple your Rosary, everybody please, the battle is long and we will need all the help from Heaven to win them over.


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