An Article from Tradition in Action that Asks the Right Questions in the On-going Case of Sister Lucy of Fatima.


An article from 5 1/2 years ago. Come on TIA! Pick up this issue again now that so much scientific analysis has been done by Sister Lucy Truth.

And a very interesting line at the end of this article:

 According to rumors from the Freemasons the “nun of Fatima” was killed in October 1958. Could this be true? 


  1. I told you and many others thousands time. YES, THEY KILLED HER RIGHT AFTER SHE HAD A LONG INTERVIEW WITH FATHER FUENTES. SHE KNEW WHAT WILL HAPPEN TO HER AND BY THE PERMISSION OF OUR LADY, SHE TOLD EVERYTHING TO FATHER FUENTES. Fr. Fuentes took notes and begun to work to explain the whole thing to us, to save ourselves and our church... But, they seized all his work and silenced him to his death. They did the same thing to all the people who know too much about them. The Luciferians/Freemasons/Zionists/Modernists/Globalists, and Communists are one and the same. They are terrorists and Antichrists. They want their NWO not the world of Jesus Christ.

  2. Agree with above important it is to find Fr Fuentes' manuscripts. Thanks the Grace of God, Sister Lucy Truth, and others through the course recent years this deception is now being revealed, it is the beginning of the triumph the Immaculate Heart of Mary.

    Interesting article posted on AKA Catholic, maybe JP2 the Ain't attempted assassin was part of the deception.

    Our Lady's Victory is Assured.....

    Viva Regina!

  3. If there are indeed "rumors from the Freemasons" that the “nun of Fatima” was killed in October 1958, then that is some important new information that needs to be corroborated. Apparently TIA is the only source for that statement, so it would be nice to know where Homer Sweeny, who wrote the article, got that "rumor."

    Many people object that Sr Lucia's family and the nuns in her convent could not be fooled by an impostor. They don't realize that Sr Lucia's family, just like the nuns in her convent, were almost certainly told that Sr Lucia had to be taken to a safe place (i.e. dead under the earth) since there was reliable information that "enemies of the Church" were planning to kidnap her and do her harm -- which of course is true, but the ones who took her away under that pretense were themselves the enemies doing so! And then of course both family and nuns would need to keep silent about the impostor "under obedience," and besides, if anyone revealed the truth they would be putting Sr Lucia's life in danger. Perfect cover story by the cunning agents of Satan, who also took over the papacy in Oct. 1958.

  4. We are on to this story. Very much a part of our investigation.

  5. Are there still sisters in her community that could be interrogated?

  6. Of interest to me is that H. Sweeney's article was posted the day before I was widowed in 2015. In 2017 and 2018 I saw two signs and heard a third at a Portuguese Catholic Church around the 100 and 101 anniversaries of the Miracle of the Sun at Fatima. I was raised Catholic but very poorly catechized in 8 years of Catholic school during the start of Vatican II. I had no idea what was happening when I saw the church change as a child. I was never taught about any Marian apparitions at all. When I saw the signs at the Portuguese church, I found out about Our Lady of Fatima and found out about the Trad/ Modernist divide in the church. When I buried my husband in 2015, I didn't even realize he was buried in an Our Lady of Fatima Mausoleum with a nearby statue of Mary and the children of Fatima. God is waking many of us up.


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