Was Sister Lucy of Fatima Replaced By an Imposter? 70% in Twitter Poll say YES. When this issue breaks into MSM we will have to commission Rasmussen!

Was Sister Lucy of Fatima replaced by an imposter?
Don't Know

Obviously, this polls those who have some remote interest in or awareness of the question. The results:

70% Yes, there was an imposter.

6% No, there was not an imposter.

23% Don't Know.

This shows us that when the issues are presented, it is clear to most that there was an imposter. It also shows us that there is still much work to do with regard to continuing to collect scientific reports and information concerning the case that can be presented to the general public. We are right now continuing those efforts. With all the evidence available, I am not sure that the 6% can ever be convinced as we have been. 


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