Traditionalist Occult Neo-Modernism. Don't Believe It Can Occur? You have then not read, "In Quest of Catholicity: Malachi Martin Responds to Wolfgang Smith." First Impressions.


Before I comment on the text of this book that was published 5 years ago and, yet, has been so well hidden from public view, I would like to just make some general comments concerning my impressions of the text. In this regard, I find myself extremely troubled and saddened. These two men, who I have spent decades admiring for one aspect or another of their work, have proven, in this exchange of letters, to be both imprudent and compromised in the extreme. From the text, made up of Dr. Wolfgang Smith's letters to Fr. Malachi Martin and the, subsequent responses from Fr. Martin, we are burdened by a terrible thought. That two famous and notable men, so highly prized for their achievements, intellectual acumen, and great personalities, have wandered into the intellectual territory of the enemy. This is a hard saying, but it is clearly true. In this text, and other publications and works that we have mentioned on this blog, Dr. Wolfgang Smith has fully embraced the esotericism of the Kabbalah and that of Jacob Boehme. This has led him, subsequently, to affirm the Neo-Modernism of Henri de Lubac --- particularly in regard to de Lubac's teaching that all men have a supernatural orientation, which is their's by nature, meaning there is the divine life within us by nature in some very real way. It is this clear embrace of a Right-Wing Neo-Modernism, along with his constant and explicit statements that the Church needs to embrace the "truths" of Western and Oriental Occultism and "mysticism," that shows Smith's influence to become such a dangerous and, ultimately, apostatical one. It is he that is continually, in these letters, pulling Fr. Martin forward to say things and agree to things that are not only erroneous and dangerous, but also, destructive of his reputation with the clientele that he cultivated and worked with in the last decade of his life. Contrary to the very demure and "pious" tone of the responses to Fr. Martin's letters and his laudatory and "traditional Catholic" explication of the "Crisis in the Church," Dr. Smith has made a serious error in judgment in publishing these damning and compromising letters. None of the people that have honored Fr. Martin can look at him in exactly the same way again. Since these letters were published, long after Malachi Martin's death, it seems to me as if Wolfgang Smith is using the reputation of Martin to give some kind of legitimacy to his "esoteric" attacks on Thomism, St. Thomas Aquinas, the Counter-Reformation, "exoteric" traditional Catholic theologians and philosophers who are not open to his "opening to the Kabbalah" and to the heretical occultist Jacob Boehme, his craving for a New Church that will incorporate into its doctrines Oriental and Hellenistic mysticism, the Neo-Modernism of Henri de Lubac that upholds the collapse of grace into nature, etc. The details of this will be covered as I make my way through the text and post my thoughts on this blog. 

What Wolfgang Smith is pushing is simply the flip side of the "left-wing" ecumenism of Paul VI, John Paul II, Benedict XVI, and Francis I. It is a "right-wing" occult traditionalism that is actually nothing more than a refined and up-to-date Manicheanism. Finally, for now, it is something positive that Fr. Martin instinctively senses where Dr. Smith is trying to lead him, namely to an affirmation of de Lubacian Neo-Modernism, and he vehemently pulls back. Fr. Martin's seeming affirmation of various aspects of Jacob Boehme and the Kabbalah is another story. Fr. Martin, also, in these letters, states clearly that the man that he so often defended in the interviews of the 1990's --- John Paul II --- taught the doctrine of Universal Salvation, the doctrine that all men are united with Christ and His saving grace, from their conception, in so far as they are human. 

And so we begin.


  1. Those interested in the relationship between Malachi Martin and the overthrow of the legitimate Siri papacy at the 1958 papal conclave can listen to "The Siri Project," Part 1 from about the 46 minute mark and Part 2  from about the 47 to the 52 minute mark and from about 56 to 58 minutes - - Martin also admitted to actually enjoying the power of exercising blackmail over sexually compromised bishops and cardinals at the Vatican Council while he was serving Jewish interests. Martin also turned "white as a ghost" when he unexpectedly heard Gary Giuffre explain to him how he knew about the overthrow of a validly elected pope on Oct. 26, 1958, when there was the officially unexplained "mistake" of 5 minutes of white smoke and the Vatican Radio announcement, "There can be no doubt - a pope has been elected!" Soon after that he sent Giuffre a thinly veiled death threat.

    The 3 min. 41 sec. segment there from the interviews on almost completely unknown details of the Third Secret of Fatima is itself enough to astound anyone, Catholic or not. How many people know, e.g., that Pius XII read the Third Secret of Fatima on May 13, 1957, and then secluded himself for close to two weeks, weeping bitter tears? Would the "vision of the bishop dressed in white" revealed in 2000 have such an effect? Almost everyone thinks John XXIII read the Secret first in 1960. We know now that he and his Masonic-Modernist associates, themselves subject to greater Judeo-Masonic-Communist powers, and ultimately diabolical powers, wanted the Secret buried forever, and Sr Lucia along with it. We also know Sr Lucia couldn't get herself to write down the Secret until officially ordered to do so, she who had no difficulty revealing the traumatic vision of hell and the impending annihilation of many nations! The bishop previously having requested her to reveal the Secret was not enough. She told him she could not get herself to write it down unless he ordered her to.

  2. Martin Malachi has so many accusers but he was dead and who will defend him? What if the enemy killed him first and then the forged his letters to make him look like one of them? Why they
    brought out the fake Secrets of Fatima after his death? Is that enough to make people questioning
    everything they claimed come from Martin Malachi. If he is still alive, then we can hear both sides.
    But they waited until his death and come up with a ton of twisted-propaganda. I don't need anyone
    to tell me the Vatican II religion is 100% Jewish Luciferian religion, all I need is to open my heart, my mind, my soul to see their fruits----nothing but perverted and untraditional, impurity and uncharitable in action and in thought. That's the APOSTASY of the ANTICHRIST/SATAN kingdom of darkness. Fr. Gruner and Fr. Kramer said a lot of things about them for 40 years already. Why nobody "watch and pray" is their own problem. They ought to care for their souls which mean they must care for their church. But they don't care, which mean they don't believe in God, Heaven, or Hell. Pure simple.


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