Now that Coulombe has been dragged out of the Gnostic closet, can we begin to identify other 'traditional" connections to "right-wing" Freemasonry?

Charles Coulombe must denounce this man and his activities if he is to avoid scandalizing all of the traditional Catholics and traditional right-wingers that he has associated with for 3 decades. There is no way that such a close association with a high gnostic priest and occult practitioner can, in any way, be consistent with an adherence to the Catholic religion. We ask also what is this "St. Benedict Center West" that "bishop" Hoeller cofounded with Mr. Coulombe in Los Angeles 35 years ago? What does this have to do with the anti-baptism of desire stance of the St. Benedict Center "East Coast"? Stephen Hoeller is not just a tarot card reader. He is also the leader of the Ecclesia Gnostica, a former lecturer for the Manly Hall Philosophical Research Society, a speaker for the Theosophical Society in America, and the author of such books as The Royal Road: A Manuel of Kabalistic Meditations on the Tarot and Freedom: Alchemy for Voluntary Society. Question: Were these associations known when Coulombe began appearing as a normal Catholic commentator 30 years ago? Is there any more information on how far this gnostic infiltration has gotten in the "traditional Catholic" movement? Since Manly Hall was a leader in occult freemasonry, is this, in any way, also present within these traditional circles? Check out the weird Tarot card reading video from 2020.


  1. Thanks.

    You may be interested to read an in-depth study on the reset fence of Gnosticism in the Church among ‘traditionalists.’

  2. 2/3 of the Bishops and Cardinals and Priests... and so on who sit inside the Catholic Church are fake, counterfeit, because they truly have turned coat. They are the tool-bags for the enemy. Their true name is TROJAN HORSES for the ANTICHRIST to bring down the KINGSHIP OF CHRIST. There is no surprise here. Our Lady has told us that, we just too stupid and disrespectful to believe Her Words and Her Warnings. Look what happened to La Salette, Fatima, and many others? Now if there is more than one million truly, truly "traditional Catholics" in the whole world is considered as a miracle. Not so many people today are truly a real Catholic. We are in APOSTASY ERA. More than ever, a new truly Holy Pope must be elected now, immediately and he must order the true Catholic-Bishops immediately with him do the consecration right now immediately after being elected, right on the spot. Don't wait. Then order the whole world either to repent, obey the Fatima Message and do the consecration with him publicly and solemnly until that poor nation repent and/or excommunicated all the pseudo-catholic off the true church. Rule the world with IRON STAFF, TAKE THE CHURCH BACK AND MAKE ALL THING IN ORDER. THE DIVINE ORDER. ALL LAWS MUST BASE ON DIVINE LAW. No compromise. No wishy washy religion. No tolerate of perverted religious orders. No parasites in all shapes or forms. Kick those gluttony and sluts out of the church. All gays and lesbians must be exposed and kicked out. CLEAN UP THE CHURCH. THE CHURCH MUST BE 100% HOLY, PURITY, CHASTITY AND CHARITY.

  3. I'm halfway through the The Occult Renaissance Church of Rome by Michael Hoffman ,quite an eye opener .I was hesitant about reading it as I thought it might be anti Catholic ,but it's very well researched and unbiased.


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