For the First Time in its History, RadTrad Thomist has Gotten More Hits in the Week from France than from the United States. Good Sign? Bad Sign?


  1. Good work. Keep it up. Whosoever loves the truth, will find the way to the TRUTH. The TRUTH is GOD. Now some people will connect the dots and begin to realize that they have been duped for centuries and will seek the truth. A true devoted Catholic always love the TRUTH, seek the TRUTH, live the TRUTH and defend the TRUTH. This website is proving that. The true that they killed the real Sister Lucia, so that, they can manipulate and twist all the doctrines and uproot the foundation of the Catholic Faith. When the Faith is compromised, the church will collapse and the APOSTASY CHURCH will born for those Luciferians/Freemasons/Jewish Kabbalah = Antichrists. That's why they work so hard so their Synagogue of Satan will triumph over Christ and His Mother. Do you people know this, they hate His Mother more than they hate Him. Why? Because She is the reason for the whole God's plan. Without her, there would not a way for salvation. Without her, they would have won this planet and all human race would be failure creature forever. She is their curse and all Catholics must be destroyed because every "HAIL MARY" is a hammer blow onto their heads. KEEP SMASH THEIR HEADS WITH ROSARY DAILY, DOUBLE, TRIPLE AND DO LIKE PADRE PIO, ALL DAY LONG HE SAYS ROSARY EVEN WHILE HE IS WORKING. We are called to be "SAINTS" nothing else matter. Pray and be united, the battle is just begin. We are the people must take back the church, clean up, expose, and destroy the enemy from within. They are not our shepherds but WOLVES. Those deadly wolves that kill people's souls and bodies must be eradicated immediately. They have occupied the church for too long and their time is up, passed due, folks. Time for CHURCH MILITANT to be true soldiers for CHRIST THE KING.


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